"Skin clearing up after years, thank you!"
"No more pimples, confidence back"
"Pimples, dark spots gone, skin glows now"
"Was so depressed... Thank God found U!"
"Can face the world again, thank you"
Helpful answers, community rocks!
"Your regimen worked when nothing else did"


Watch how wildly positive and wildly negative comments went when this girl chose to show her makeup-free face to the world. She has acne, as you can tell from the thumbnail.

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A Natural Acne Diet that Worked (Success Story)

In this post, Chandan Dyavarishetty shares how after 5 grueling years of suffering with acne, he found help and made a miraculous recovery. He recommends a natural diet-based approach combined with simple skin care. * applause * Clear skin was always my dream and I thought it would be a dream forever. But a time did come when my […]

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11 Rapid Fire Questions with Acne Expert Dr. Murad

In this video, Dr. Howard Murad with his celebrated line of acne products answers a rapid fire round of your burning questions. What is the worst food for your skin? (if you guessed sugar, think again!) What is the best ingredient for acne? What is the worst ingredient in skin care products? What is the […]

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