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Incorporating “Suncote Sunscreen Gel SPF 30” into the budget regimen

Is it possible to incorporate Suncote Sunscreen gel SPF 30 instead of Zoray Aquagel SPF 30 in the Budget regimen without any harmful effects? Any help in this regard will be much appreciated.

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Sun screen lotion

Hi AM…
i m using nivea sunscreen lotion till now but it is sweaty when i apply it.does it blocks my pores??is it good to use??or can u suggest me some sunscreens which are easily available with good results.??
thank u.

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May 13 rockz
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Tea tree oil!!!!! HELP …big red acnes on my cheeks . which tea tree oil brand is best ? under 500 rs

I am  having red big acnes on my cheeks nd hundreds  of small skin colored pimples all over my face.  i am thinking to try tea tree oil. suggest me which one is the best among these ?  i am hving dandruff  nd hairfallalso suggest me a good product


  • khadi tea tree oil
  • oriflame
  • aroma magic
  • soulflower
  • deve herbes ( this one is cheap . is it effective?
  • rasa tea tree oil
  • aroma treasures
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A Major Breakout !!!

Hi Guys, I recently shifted to a new place and during the shifting process for about a week, i did not take any care of my skin. No Fish oil, no night time Glyco A, or sunscreen. Although i did wash my face twice or thrice. I had stopped Vitamin D since past three weeks (since i ran out of it). During the 3-4 shifting days, my skin took a lot of sweat, dust and dirty hands. Hands that are now so dry and peeling due to excessive washing!! Since i shifted here, i’ve got about five new pimples on both the cheeks and some on the chin, along with extra oiliness on the face.

I guess, i will have to get back to square one and start again with all the things that were working for me. Vitamin D especially.

I haven’t been able to give a fair trial to Sunprotek yet, due to this breakout (Sunprotek might be the cause too as I used that once or twice during the shifting).

I also had a few mangoes and a lot of ordered food after i got the initial few pimples. (that could be the reason too)

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May 7 Anuja
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How is Sebonac Gel working for you?

Hi guys, just wanted to catch up on Seboanc gel. 😀


Are you seeing any redness from using it sparingly?

Do you think it is a good spot treatment?

Are you using it all over your acne prone areas?


Sebonac is a powerful treatment, but if you are experiencing any problems I could add alternatives or further explanation about using it.

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Hurting and painful

I have cyst formation all over my chins it is looking big and it has large amount of pus in thinking of buying dermadew acne soap and sebamed face wash wat do you say????? or should i only use one of the abt
i hav oily face with many pimples plz help.
i have type 3 skin types as per your classification of acne prone skin

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May 12 kumar
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