Is acne face map theory true?



I wanted to know your thoughts on these ‘acne face maps’, whether they really do reveal the underlying causes for each individual’s acne?

Here are two places I read them:

No harm in testing the theories?

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hi are u?how is ur progress been?
i actually bumped into this article few days ago,it does seem fairly accurate…it is said clean skin is often indication normal u know acne is caused by various factors like hormonal imbalance..this face mapping is called chinese mapping..

 July 10

Hi Tejupriya,

I’m doing better, my skin has been getting a glow(ahaglow!) In between I broke out for two days with 5 pimples on my chin and 2 above my lip that’s why I googled about certain areas of the face..apart from hormones it said check the food intake and I was eating unhealthy(fried stuff/junk food..less water intake) the day before also with I changed this the next day and now it’s all settled down again..I think my hormones and diet play a huge role.

So I’m back on track now!

P.S- I discovered for me tea tree oil really takes the pain off from hurting pimples

 July 12

hi ayesha..Im glad that you are doing good..congrats on your progress.. :)
Jawline acne is my experience is mostly due to lip balms as they contain comedogenic ingredients and tend to rub on chin area..
sometimes even threading does that..
plus it takes time to bring acne under control..dont be tempted to add more products..
Junk food does no good to Acne..Try to Avoid That…It affects the removal of toxins from the body..Eat a Balanced Diet..Drink atleast 8 glasses of Water,it keeps Body Dehyrdated and helps with Elimination of toxins..
Hormones play bigger role in the body functioning..
yes tea tree oil is good for acne..
take care :)

 July 12

sorry typing mistake thats keeps body hydrated..

 July 12

Jawline and chin acne is almost always due to hormonal imbalances. You might be able to confirm it for yourself if your acne increases right in the middle of the cycle or just before the periods.

You could see breakouts right around the lip line if it is due to comedogenic lip products.

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 July 12


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