How is Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel?


I want to ask about aroma treasure aloe Vera gel.

Is it good for acne prone skin?

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Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel has a sharp artificial fragrance and colouring too.

The label mentions that this aloe vera product contain additional ingredients in the form of oils – Lavender, Chamomile and Vetivert. There is no mention of anything other than key ingredients. So it is not a pure aloe vera gel product.

For acne prone skin, I’d be worried about the oils they are talking about.


Hello, how about Banjaras or Brihaans gel ?


Banjara’s aloe vera gels come in two versions : all purpose aloe vera gel and moisturizing aloe vera gel. 

There is no information on the labels about what is different ingredient wise that is making the moisturizing gel variant different from the all purpose one – except one gel is transparent and the other is green.

Banjara’s moisturizing gel claims to have “vitamins” but  there is no mention of what those secret vitamins are. The all purpose variant mentions vitamins E and C in passing.

There is no mention of what preservatives and additional ingredients are added – they are obviously there because there is some coloring and fragrance at least. The moisturizing one also claims to remove dead skin cells and lighten skin tone without telling us which is that miracle ingredient that is causing it.

Banjara’s all purpose aloe vera gel could be a safer bet than their moisturizing version – just in case there are some hidden oils in the moisturizing formula.

Brihans Greenleaf Aloe Vera Gel has been around for ages –  90% aloe vera. It has some coloring and mild smell, but is still one of the better ones in the market.

Between Banjara’s and Brihans, I’d choose the latter.


No! Aroma Treasures is horrible. It makes my skin burn and itch and gives me small zits. I recommend Fabindia’s Aloe Vera Gel



@ keepcalm : do you think any aloe vera gel actualy helps ?

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