Is Kojivit Gel a gel or a cream?

Hello AM. Just a small doubt. I have bought kojivit gel as suggested. I have been applying it on alternate days along with sebonac as suggested by my derma. I don’t have any active acne. And touch wood it’s been like that for the past 3-4 weeks. Thus I believe that it has subsided. The only problems are the dark spots and hence the kojivit gel.

My questions are:

1. Although it says gel, it comes in a white cream colored substance. Is it the correct product ?

2. I want to use it daily for faster results ? Thus can I apply it over sebonac ?

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It is a gel , it looks like a cream , but it`s actually a gel. It wont break you out (I have tremendously sensitive skin and it didnt break me out so. ) But using it on salicylic acid isnt a good idea. (Sebonac gel is salicylic acid right? )


Yes,it seems like cream.However,it works like gel like KCACA said.don use it over saliycilic acid.If ur not happy with its texture u could use kojiglow gel or kame gel.


The pack says that it should be applied on whole face. But on this site, in many threads, it is mentioned to apply on spots only. So ❓

on whole face or just the spots ❓


it depend on u ..u can use it on full face or only on marks.i think first u use it on only marks when they fade at some extent then use it on full face.no problem.


okay jassi! thanx! I am using it from a week, now planning to use it on whole face. altering it with Garnier Light overnight. One day Garnier  Light overnight peeling cream, and one night Kojivit gel.

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