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as per ur advice am using AHAGlow facewash for black marks spots n lotus herbals matte gel sunscreen.after using face wash n sunscreen, skin looks fresh bt aftr sometimes its get dis is not working gud fr my skin.breaks me out n having 2-3 pimples in every u told my skin type is 2.before ur suggestion i was using acne bar plus soap, controlling the oil bt nt the dark spots so i switched to AHAGlow, it is reducing the dark marks spots bt not the oil n pimples.every weekend am using himalaya neem scrub, nothing else.

plz acne mantra suggest me complete gud care products for my skin type n am not going outdoors too much only indoor work


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Hi Manjeet,


A face wash alone is almost never enough to cure acne. It is just one step.


Any ready-made set of products I suggest here is not going to work unless you yourself get an idea of how they work. You need to spend some time reading the posts here on Acne Mantra. That will help you understand why certain products are not good for your skin and how to choose products that will actually help reduce acne and scars.


Besides, the Himalaya Neem Scrub you use does not even list the ingredients that are in there. Why don’t you stop this scrub for a week or so and use only AHAGlow and NOTHING else and see if that helps your acne?


Did you yourself take the time to go through the Acne Prone Skin Type post to confirm if you are really APST type 2?




It looks u are apst 2..from my experience any kinda scrub just worsens the acne,it really aha glow safely does that work helping acne,scars and oilness..went u have stared the acnemantra starter regimen please be sure not to be tempted to add products..keep it miinimum and required..before buying any product educate urself with comedogenic and non comedogenic doing this is ur first step towards the treatment..discontine himalaya scrub,unnecessary u are adding this product which is causing break up..acnemantra has wonderful suggestions on facewashes sunscreen moisturisers regimen etc please go through before u apply..why dont u add sebamed cleansing foam or keracynl regimen?between aha glow doesnt make ur face oily,it could lotus sunscreen..try switching to suncote sunscreen which is in gel form and u wont feel oily..after week 2 add proactiv refining mask as suggested by acnemantra..please be partient with all of this and u will get results in few days..


hello acnemantra…tnx fr the suggestions

i have been using AHAGLOW n lotus sunscreen for past 3weeks.frm last week am getting pimples n dabbing ahaglow on dabbing ahaglow on the pimple the spot on chin gets darker like burns dat i stopped using ahaglow for 2-3 days

now again i started using ahaglow n not applying the my question is dat ahaglow burns the skin if we leave the gel for too long time??



I m also using ahaglow face wash from past few days.
I quite like the face wash as it cleans the face very well
N i have not got ny pimple after i have been using it

Bt as mentioned above even i have noticed that my skin around the
Burnt at the place when i dabbed it on the pimple and left it overnight.


Aha glow can cause peeling..add a oil free moisturiser like sebamed clear face gel or lotus aloe hydra moisturiser..and also the sunscreen u are using could be causing breakout switch to suncote sunscreen gel..


Guys, then don’t use AHAGlow for spot treatment. Go with what your skin can tolerate. 🙂


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