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Large pimples

Large pimples looks like small tumours is all over my chins my face is oil type i have used acnofight garnier men but no use the scars are everywhere and i have used acnolac-az bt that also no use.the larger pimples are under the skin for many days and looks very bad can you recommend a cream that works

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May 11 kumar
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Please suggest solution for my Severe Problem on my Nose

First of all, hats of you guys for your good service.

I was suffered from acne almost for 10 yrs, now acne has almost gone & coming not frequently.

Now my major problem is in my nose, Please suggest me what should I do for fastest solution, since marriage is very near.

Thanks in advance.

I am using himalaya neem face wash twice daily & retina AC cream in nights.

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May 11 PP
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How to get rid of whiteheads??

Hello AM 🙂 good morning… my skin is APST 2 … i dont get pimples on face…but sometimes small pimples.,.i think thats because of whiteheads… and oil… i get acne on chest and back too… currently i m using himalaya neem face wash… evamore sunguard…medimix soap for body … honey for reducing popped up acne…almond drops hairoil …sometimes coconut oil for chumpee… buss…. 🙂 articles padh k mera sar ghum gaya hehe sorry.. but aur jyada confuse ho gae… soo… what should i do :'( 😀

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May 11 Sunita
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Suggestions on Very tiny whiteheads & uneven skin tone..?

Hi Acne Mantra & all members,
i had posted another answer in previous thred..but there were no reply, i think nobody noticed that.
Then u know that i m only suffering from tiny whiteheads..but a week ago i went to one day picnic,n due to harsh sun expore for continuos three hours i broke ot badly. Then i went for our family doc,she said that i m allergic to sun(confused!), n i have deficiency of vit d3,hemoglobin & zinc..according to test reports. She prescribed me a tablet for allergy n i was already using cetaphil,then after 2 days she gave me a tonic for hemoglobin n zinc,capsules for vit d3,n a multivitamin cap with vit A..she also gave cosglo gel for marks. Dark marks r fading but very tiny whiteheads r still occuring. I m badly in need of your suggestions.
Thank u.

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Suggestions on thyroid & Vit d, calcium deficiency



I got my medical tests done for thyroid & vit D as in spite of a proper skin care regimen, i was still getting very small breakouts without any reason & my bad luck, i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism & deficient in calcium & vit D.


For thyroid, doc has asked me to get done one more test & after that, he will start medicines & for vit D & calcium deficiency, he has prescribed me Bio D3 plus tablet to be taken at night daily.


I have gained weight in last 8-9 months. I have also noticed that my body skin & lips have become very dry. There are dry skin patches all over my body. I have started noticing hairfall as well. I read on net that all these are symptoms of thyroid.


Please advice on the following:

1) Is one tablet of Bio D3 plus daily enough for treating vit D & calcium deficiency?

2) Can thyroid be cured permanently or do i need to take its medicine lifelong (as told to me by my relatives)

3) Can thyroid be cured with Homeopathic medicine or i should go for allopathic only? Actually i cant take very strong medicines..

4) Any other steps to be taken for treating thyroid & vit d deficiency.


Any suggestions will be very helpful for me..Thanks a lot in advance..


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Nicotinamide Based Products

Hi guys!

Please share the nicotinamide based acne treatment creams you are using?

The A-CN tube I am using is gonna end now. Though it doesn’t give over the night miracles, its decent and chances of mark or scar is very low while using A-CN.

I wish to try any other nicotinamide cream as a change.

Tagging @bargavi-ramachandran the only other soul I know who is using nicotinamide creams 🙂

@acnemantra I know I am not sincere to starter regimen, I am not using Triacneal 😳 I have triacneal just now and I will be using  nicotinamide cream till it arrives. My doubt is while I am using triacneal if I get pimples, what shall I do? Apply nicotinamide cream or wait for it to subside by itself?

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How to use Benzac Ac and Retinol? help!

I had been prescribed Benzac AC 5% and Retinol 0.05 by my Doctor quite sometime back. As my acne has increased i have started using both of them again. I apply Benzac in the morning when at home for an hr or so and wash it off, I apply it only in the affected areas and use Retinol at night taking pea sized of it and use it all over the face. I have noticed that my skin burns now and has become dry and flaky. What am I doing wrong? i have quite a few spots on my face which refuse to go and a few pimples as well. Please help

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May 10 Pree
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Sry sir….

I m applying medorma gel….aftr sum time its peeling lyk thin paper

I want to know dat whether skin is peeling or just

datgel dry & falling out

So only I asked the gel helps to fade or to remove scar

Plz tel the exact answer for this

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