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Product that must suit

Hey there i am having oily skin plus acne ,dark marks too and my skin gets dark due to oilyness which is why i am searching a product which removes oilyness ,dark marks and acne and prevents from sun.
is there any product??

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MAC BB cream

Hi guys…. Juz wan to ask has anyone tried bb cream by mac ?? I used it couple of times n found pretty gud. Skin ingredient tool showed-

Butylene Glycol is mildly comedogenic
Dimethicone is mildly comedogenic
Squalane is mildly comedogenic
Stearic Acid is comedogenic

Should I go for it or ???

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May 9 Poojaa
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Acne on cheeks due to oilyness,what to do???

I used to have normal skin,but when i got whiteheads i used benzac ac and hell broke down on my skin my skin was itcy and red and i started to get inflamed acne.i stoped using benzac but my t-zone became i have a super oily t zone with acne.please help me out.

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May 9 ANNA
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Acne around mouth due to PCOD?

Hello AM, i would like to know whether pimples occurring around the mouth and near the chin area are a sign of PCOD? I was diagnosed with right ovarian chocolate cyst and poly cystic left ovary in January 2013. Thr right ovarian cyst was removed in july 2013. In March 2014 USG left ovary shows polycystic. The pimples are concentrated only around the mouth and chin area. The surprising thing is that the rest of the face is absolutely acne free for years. I use himalaya neem facewash, Zoray Aquagel and Retino A 0.05% twice a week on the acne only and before applying Retino A i wash face with Cetaphil.

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Need suggestions regarding Starter Regimen

Hi AM,

this is my second post regarding my acne. I have this acne vulgaris condition on both my cheeks, earlier like 2 3 years back it was worse with pimples on both cheeks. with doctor’s prescription I used benzoyle peroxide and cetaphil and it didnt get completely cured but I would say it helped them minimize. I really hope there is a way that I could show you what I am talking about and then could get actual help on the regimen that I am using.

I started with budget regimen, used it for about a month and I couldn’t see any difference, so I switched to starter regimen (as its recommended for cystic and stubborn acne mine is definitely stubborn god knows about it being cystic.)

Its been almost 4 weeks that I started using starter regimen, the major difference that I saw was that my tanning removed and that one big stubborn pimple that grew up after every 15 days didnt grow this time, and has started to flatten. Apart from this the entire circle of acne is still there. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, i went through the regimen faq as well and there was nothing that I missed.

Following is the routine –

Morning :  – washing my face with sebamed cleansing foam as advised in the regimen keeping it on fr 3 minutes (as per the bottle)

– applying suncote sunscreen ( I stay indoors though). during the first two weeks I didnt apply kojivit gel.

– third week onwards dabbing kojivit gel on the pimple area

Evening / Night – washing face with kaya cleansing gel as advised in the regimen.

– applying triacneal cream on the pimple area. during the first two weeks I didnt apply kojivet gel.

– third week onwards dabbing kojivit gel on the pimple area once triacneal is absorbed in the skin.

I am continuing with starter regimen with the above mentioned routine. Please advice if anything else is to be done or added. Really hoping to get rid of these acne and their scars for life. Also, I don’t use any make up. Just a lip gloss and an eyeliner when I go out.



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Purging after the use of Avene triacneal?

Hello everybody! Well, I started using Avene triacneal on your recommendation @acnemantra and I must say…it is a very good product! Although I have been using it for only a little over a week its good. It does not sting or irritate my face. For the first 4-5 days it did not break me out and it did reduce the intensity of the existing pimples. It compresses them without bringing them to a head. That’s very good in my books! However, on the 6th day or so I did notice a couple of new breakouts. And they are increasing. I didn’t really see anyone mention purging after the use of the Avene Triacneal. So i just want to know is this normal? Thanks again! 🙂

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Please help me- aggressive acne and acne scar problems?

Hi guys,

i am Bargavi from TN.before asking your suggestions let me present my case history.please tolerate friends it going to be a lengthy one.

it all started when i was diagnosed with papillary cancer-thyroid at the age of 18 when i was doing per my doctors suggestion i got my entire thyroid gland removed and ever since i am consuming eltroxin-300mg to suppress TSH, calcium-500mg, iron everyday.every  year i stop eltroxin for 30 days, let my TSH rise above 30 and take in a radio-active iodine capsule followed by a whole-body scan after 4 days to make sure my cancer hasn’t come back.after this process i increase my eltroxin intake gradually by taking 100mg-week 1, 200mg-week 2 and 300mg from week 3.

today i am 21. this year’s procedure ended on february tsh rose to 93.i am suffering severe hair fall ever since.i ve taken biomin tablets for 3 weeks and now i am taking essvit also using kera xl hair serum for about 10 days but nothing seems to improve.

i am getting pimples which re red, big, takes weeks to disappear  since december and it disappears leaving a big dark for my regimen i use

aha glow face wash-in morning and night

himalaya neem face wash after getting home

suncote sunscreen and on top of it lakme perfect radince compact(i was using lakme 9 to 5 till january)

my doc prescribed me tretin-0.025% pimple cream which i use only at night.

i don’t use moisturiser because of my oily skin but when needed i use Johnson baby oil.for spots i ve fed up on medical products and currently  i am using only turmeric when i am home.on working days i use spadigaram stone (the one  our grandpa uses after shaving).

i ve tried glyco-6 cream it gave me pimples so did suncros sunscreen and kojivit.benzac was good but it didnt work on my aggressive pimples and on my mild pimples it left a dark dark spot.

please note friends i ve a mild case of dandruff for which i am using biotique-margosa shampoo and i got stress issues too.cos i am a CMA-finalist appearing on june 2014.

any advice ll be useful to me.thank you in advance.

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Very Depressed! Please help!

Hello Sonal, hope you are doing well.I am here on this blog to share my experiences & measures I am taking from past 2 months to combat my acne.

In a brief , I want to share my history to you that I got acne( mainly closed comedones on my cheek, some on my forhead & chin) after applying any topical on my face. I got breakout from every topical in the form of comedones  , some of which got inflamed & got converted into pustules.

What measures I am taking from past 2 months:

1) I am under the treatment of one renowned homeopath by last 1 month but no effect on acne.Only positive think is that now pustules takes less time to dry.

2)I am using Aha glow  regularly as a face wash & sometimes sebamed too( Sebamed helps me to keep my nose clean

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May 7 parul
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