Can raisins cause acne?


Do raisins cause acne cos of its high sugar content?

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i dont think so. it has sugar but its not refined like sugar in soft drinks,
white bread and products made from other refined grains..but too much eating raisin can led to acne.if u eat raisin with nutrition advice then no acne although it help with acne if eat in less quantity .dont eat tooo much raisin  .


No it will not. Eating raisins is very much beneficial to your health. It has 129 calories and no fat.

Eating raisins every day helps you meet your daily requirement for iron, potassium. Whenever you feel tired and exhausted from continuous work eat raisins which will give you rapid energy. 🙂


HI riree aka rihanareeza 😆 there is no clinical data till date is available which states that including or excluding raisins from ur diet affects acne breakouts.
However,i personal view is that raisins can cause breakouts since raisins have high glycemic load.

GLYCEMIC LOAD-a foods glycemic load is how much it increases ur bodys insulin levels and blood sugar after is discovered in a research that adapting a diet rich in low glycemic load helps in reducing symtoms of acne.


Great. That takes another one of my faves off the list 😛 But I dont know – I eat raisins regularly , as long as you exercise a bit , it should be used up – the sugar. I dont face any problems from my diet , that I`m sure of.


Yeah , that`s right , I agree with rajeev  that`s why it`s a good idea to substitute regular refined sugar with brown sugar or jaggery. The thing about foods with low glycemic index is in simple words , it takes time for the sugar to break down and it mixes into the blood slowly , thus preventing the insulin level from increasing drastically and causing your hormones to go haywire.

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