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Hurting and painful

I have cyst formation all over my chins it is looking big and it has large amount of pus in thinking of buying dermadew acne soap and sebamed face wash wat do you say????? or should i only use one of the abt
i hav oily face with many pimples plz help.
i have type 3 skin types as per your classification of acne prone skin

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May 12 kumar
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Large pimples

Large pimples looks like small tumours is all over my chins my face is oil type i have used acnofight garnier men but no use the scars are everywhere and i have used acnolac-az bt that also no use.the larger pimples are under the skin for many days and looks very bad can you recommend a cream that works

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May 11 kumar
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Will going all natural work? I’ve briefed my story

Hey, guys.

I have been following the community for quite sometime now, honestly, only when I needed to view the revision of the products that made me susceptible to comedonal acne. The blog is the best one, that I have come across so far.

I am 23 now. First 22 years were the most blissful years of my life. I had perfectly flawless skin, one or two pimples around that time of the month that’s it 🙂

It all started when I moved to chennai, to stay along with my husband, it-acne. My forehead was covered in bumps, ugly looking bumps. I didn’t bother and continued the usage of my once-best-friend ponds white beauty. I saw no improvement on my forehead when I decided to give clearsil a try – no use.

One evening, a situation got me into taking an oral contraceptive pill  i-pill or 72 hours, I don’t remember which one. A few days later I notice  invisible bumps on my cheeks, when I touch them, I feel a lot of them when when I look into the mirror until very close, I don’t see them. This worried me ton and I decided to visit a dermatologist. Well early in time isn’t it?

I did everything he prescribed, nothing worked on me. 6 months and I have already lost my beautiful skin. My skin is now covered in pimples, all over 🙁

I tried using every product possible, everything that claimed to work. They only worsened my face.

I never used makeup before but have started using, occasionally though from last 7 months.

By the time I turned 23, I shifted to Bangalore. Here I visited a dermatologist who prescribed me topical applications:

1. cetaphil cleanser for oily skin

2. nadoxin cream/gel + la shield sunscreen

3. adaplene for the nights

6 months now,

I have an almost clear skin but almost 🙁

What I see on my skin:

1. whiteheads 4-5

2. acne marks on my right cheek

I have an extremely fair skin so that makes these ugly creatures even more visible.


I have decided to go all natural now:

1. I wash my face with AHAglow facewash

2. using haldi besan curd mask for 10 min

3. apply lemon + cucumber homemade toner  + cover my face completely when in sun. I am not exposed to sun often

4. Take triphala every night

5. Start the day with wheat grass on an empty stomach.


Please tell me this will work! I need help, I am desperate.


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Topical green tea?

Hi guys @acnemantra ,people always talk about how drinking green tea is so good for you ,infact it is! but what about topically applying green tea on your skin? meanwhile i was researching on this topic and i found this super interesting things that i wanted to share:-

Studies show that Green tea reduces sebum production by 70% !! omg tats alot :0 there are many studies that show positive results:-

oh btw the studies show the effectivness of 2 or 3% green tea lotions ,etc ,

what about “Aloe veda skin nourishing gel”?? it has 2% green tea extract too.. anyone using it noticed sebum reduction?

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April 27 lima
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Suggest a solution for acne scars and pigmentation

Hi @acnemantra  could you suggest a cream for pigmentation.. Mine is dry skin & APST2 .. I have been using Acne-Aid soap from past 2 yrs and lot of my acne got reduced to a considerable level.  But I am left with acne scars and some pigmentation. Though the intensity of these got reduced from past 4-5 yrs ,they are still visible.

When I go thru some of the products that I have come across Dermologica c-12 concentrate. Although I am not sure the specific use of this, I found in some of the reviews that it works for pigmentation and acne scars. Can I go with this? I not, could ypu pl recommend if there is any product that is much targetted towards my problem?

others on the forum, pls share ur experiences if u have used the above product or any other product that worked for you.  All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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