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Incorporating “Suncote Sunscreen Gel SPF 30” into the budget regimen

Is it possible to incorporate Suncote Sunscreen gel SPF 30 instead of Zoray Aquagel SPF 30 in the Budget regimen without any harmful effects? Any help in this regard will be much appreciated.

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Treatment for cystic acne / red bumps?

Hi AM,

I’m 29 yrs old with oily skin & have the problem of cystic acne(red bumps). These pimples started @age of 14, I suppose, but have decreased over time. I have been following the AM’s acne regimen for a month. The condition have improved a lot. But the red bumps which I think are cystic acne appear 1-2 in no. every week & they leave such dark spots that is hard to go resulting that I have never seen my face spot less. 🙁 :'(

I have been using the following since a month:

1.  FabIndia Tea Tree Face Wash

2. AHAGlow face wash

3. Suncote Gel

4. Retino-A 0.025%

5. Aloe Veda Aloe Vera Gel

6. Sebamed Clear Face Gel

7. Glyco 6 &

8. Carofit Ultra

I did not find Sebonac gel in my Locality(West delhi) nor online, so I bought this Retino-A. I must say that, I’m very much impressed with the Acne regimen. No frequent Pimples as such, but I do get 1 or 2 red bumps every week & they stay for atleast 4-5 days & leave such spots that stays for months which is so depressing. I tried Retino-A on these spots but nothing happened. I also applied a dot of  AHAGlow face wash on it but it remained as it is. Lastly, I applied a dot of Clean & Clear skin balancing Moisturizer(which contains 2% salicylic acid) but it seems nothing can beat it up.

Can someone please give me some more alternatives to stop these red bumps from appearing & even if they do how to suppress them so that they do not stay for long. I’m really stressed out with such dark spots & red bumps. Please advice….



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Sudden pimples with Budget Regimen?


i am following the budget regimen with a little modifications like

facewash — AHA GLOW  2 -3 times a week

Facewash – other days  – cetaphil mornings  / neutrogena deep clean  nights to remove sunscreen/dirt  etcs

Night cream – Supracit tretion cream

Sunscreen – sungross by ranbaxy

I am just followig this from 1 + months yet to include gylo 6 bcos  i have very irritated skin already .

i some times use vitamin c serum with this  .

I am seeing sudden pimples the ones that hurt on touching is this bcos of diet – i added green tea and walnuts to diet


Please suggest


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