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Hurting and painful

I have cyst formation all over my chins it is looking big and it has large amount of pus in thinking of buying dermadew acne soap and sebamed face wash wat do you say????? or should i only use one of the abt
i hav oily face with many pimples plz help.
i have type 3 skin types as per your classification of acne prone skin

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May 12 kumar
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Suggest me for my oily skin

Hi good evening everybody,

hi am sorry am gng to write it lengthy as i want to give a complete description and get better suggetions dnt mind plz,i have to go around daily for my job purpose bcoz of bad traffic i use my bike, before i started working i had a clean n clear face, after starting my business i become dark i  have used diff brands like kera skin,lush,lotus,vichy,and many diff facewashes, diff sunscreens i even used mineral water too for my complete daily use, i didnt find results day by day from last 8 mnths am loosing my glow. i will tells u whats happening with my skin detaily my skin is oily without soap if am using any face wash am nt able to get clean skin,atleast with soap it will b clear till i go out in sun n dust, on that if i apply any sunscreen then my face is becoming dull as if i just got up, i hope u understand what a dull face leads ur i had to go out of station on work i wanted a suncreen n facewash i was searching google and i find this site i read may reviews and comments they r v.technical so i thought this site will help me out .

plz help me with a proper suggetions

ThanQ n Regards


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Alternative to AHAGlow for better oil-control?


This is my 2nd question today.I am using AHAglow face wash.I can see how people and the cosmetologists praise its worthiness on the oily and acne prone skin but really it is not at all working for me.The only thing hinders me on and on is the sebum secretion.It makes the hell out of my face.How can i reduce my sebum secretion? i have tried the essential oils like tea trea , lavender, jojoba oil and nothing proved fruitful.I don’t expect any overnight change or miracle.May it be a gradual process, but i want a sure solution.Please Please help me out in this distress.




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