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Sebonac alternative in Budget Regimen?

Hi Sonal

I am 35 years old. Was so happy to see this site. Such a relief. I have acne issues for a long time. I want to follow your budget regime. But i have not been able to find Sebonac gel. Can I use Kreacnyl gel  instead. Also can i include Sebamed cleansing foam( from your starter regime).  How do i include these in my regime.





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December 5 rekha
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Is the pH of saslic facewash hampering its effectiveness?

I was doing some reading regarding how to use AHAs and BHAs and I came across a number of articles that said that these acids do not exfoliate when the pH of the skin crosses 4.

The package of saslic facewash states that the solution has a pH of 5.5.

Does that mean the saslic is not effective as an exfoliant ?

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Is salicyclic peel fine if taken at an age of 25?


Herez mah story!! but firstly i wanna tell you that i actualy love this site.. i m gainin loads of information.. waOoO.. u truely made mah day!! Anyhw.. I have an acne infact i do have small little tiny acne that actualy visible if somebody sees mah face very closely.. I m actualy pissed off… As we all says that little information is highly dangerous… that what exactly happened with meh… i just got to knw abt chemical peeling and without gaining enough of information i went to the doctor and got the first salicyclic peel… it was just horribling… not sure but my color complexation is getting darker and darker day by day… i starts hating my skin… specialy if i talk about my neck skin its so dry so dry i mean if i apply a moisture 8times den also it doesnt work… should i take salicyclic peel? is it fyn… specialy when the age is 25? infact i got some fine lines around my eye… coz of this peel i m highly scared not sure whats happening.. the doctor suggested me suncote gel, calak lotion, azimax 250 for 21 days and seba med clear face cleansing foam!! He told i dont have that much acne so I just require 5sittings and after this for color complexation.. i require 10 peels that he will tell later on!! i am seriously scared… i meaning peeling will gona make mah skin highly sensitive… what to do..


Is peeling fine? i have loads of difference in my body and face skin… and other alternative.. i use to intake 15glasses of water.. vitamin C… juices..fruits…vegetables… protein… not sure whats left!! Suggest meh ..



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How is Sebonac Gel working for you?

Hi guys, just wanted to catch up on Seboanc gel. 😀


Are you seeing any redness from using it sparingly?

Do you think it is a good spot treatment?

Are you using it all over your acne prone areas?


Sebonac is a powerful treatment, but if you are experiencing any problems I could add alternatives or further explanation about using it.

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