Evion vitamin E + Limcee capsules for glowing skin?


hi….can i take evion 600,3 capsules per day along with limcee 500, 3 capsules per day for glowing skin??….i am 22 years old …….plz advice….

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plz rply. back to the above question and plz suggest some fairness or whitening capsules for face……..:-)


You are already taking Evion vitamin E and Limcee vitamin C, which are both helpful for the skin.

You might add in anti-oxidant supplements such as glutathione / alpha lipoic acid / lycopene. Glutathione is a whitening anti-oxidant and is available from healthkart. Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant considered good for the body in many ways, and not just whitening.

I’ve provided the information above, but honestly, I am not sure if taking whitening capsules is safe in the long run. Do some research before buying.

If your skin does not break out easily, you might try Elovera IMF as a night cream for the glow you’re looking for.


how much mg of limcee and evion capsules can i take daily as i am now taking 3 x limcee 500 and 3 x evion 600 per day,is it ok??…and does limcee contain sugar because it is very sweet when i chew it?? and plz suggest those gluthatione capsules which i can buy in medical stores (like evion and limcee) and not online….thank you…:-)


i have researched on Limcee and have heard that it causes Insomnia . Check out this link,it has information about Limcee


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