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11 Rapid Fire Questions with Acne Expert Dr. Murad

In this video, Dr. Howard Murad with his celebrated line of acne products answers a rapid fire round of your burning questions. What is the worst food for your skin? (if you guessed sugar, think again!) What is the best ingredient for acne? What is the worst ingredient in skin care products? What is the […]

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Acne pimple cream for treatment of acne

Is Your Lotion Destroying Your Skin? pH Matters

The pH of healthy skin is about 5.5. It is maintained at that level  by skin’s complex regulatory mechanism. To brush up on what pH means, let’s turn to high school books. pH is a measure of acidic or alkaline nature of a solution. pH less than 7 is called acidic and pH greater than […]

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How to Pop a Pimple Safely

While popping a pimple is no fun, you will enjoy this video by Dr. Ava Shamban, M. D. Don’t let the message get lost in the histrionics because the doctor talks about how to safely pop a pimple without causing a scar. Dangers of popping a pimple Popping a pimple should be more of an […]

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New! Quiz Your Way to Clear Skin

Those new to Acne Mantra sometimes get overwhelmed seeing the amount of information they may need to go through before they can chart out a skincare plan for themselves. We’ve been thinking about ways to ease the information overload and direct them to the information they need, skipping the information that they don’t. Enter the quiz. Straight […]

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6 Reasons Why Waiting to Outgrow Acne isn’t Smart

Today’s post is my personal perspective on why there’s no good reason to suffer from acne. In this day and age, you may have to live with “acne prone skin”, but not “acne” itself. Waiting to outgrow acne means not doing anything as such to treat it, letting pimples come and go, and hoping that […]

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how to control stress induced acne breakouts

How Stress Causes Pimples and What to Do About It

This is one piece of advice doled out so commonly to acne prone folk – “stop worrying”. It is so common that it almost sounds clichéd  – like “drink more water”. This kind of advice usually comes from well-meaning aunties and uncles who’ve not had a pimple in their lives. As clichéd as it sounds […]

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