Acne Mantra is India’s #1 resource for men and women battling acne and pimples.

We bring you information about acne treatments, acne scar removal options and acne prone skin care products in India.

Often because of lack of adequate information, acne sufferers keep bouncing from one product to another in the hope that the next one will free them of acne. It is hardly ever this easy.

Our story

Acne Mantra about us

Acne Mantra is the brain child of Sonal, also known as AM (pictured right). Having struggled with acne for 17 years and having tried “everything once”, she finally found relief from this debilitating skin condition through focused self-care.

First, the back story…

It was the 90’s. A topper all around with a penchant for research, Sonal got a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani and went on to do her Masters of Science in Computer Engineering at Iowa State University in the United States.

Years changed to decades, but acne did not leave her side. She continued to be a voracious reader of all literature on this topic and tried many therapies with varying degrees of relief.

There were times of turbulence when acne won hands down, followed by years of clear skin when everything looked sunny, only to be clouded by a bout of acne again.

Finally in a moment of epiphany, everything came together and it all made sense. Then she created a plan, followed it, and cleared her skin once and for all. It did not involve dangerous drugs or miracle products, but everything she had learned over the years.

With clear skin came the urge to share her secrets with others who were stuck in acne hell. Thus was born Acne Mantra – a hub for people all over the world to come together as a community and learn about treatment options and products, and a platform to share their acne struggles and success stories.

Sonal is in charge of day-to-day working and content creation at Acne Mantra.

Creative input comes from another computer geek and artist, Sharad (pictured left). He is in charge of graphics, maintenance and out-of-the-box ideas.

Our mission

Our goal is to empower you with necessary information so you can make smart choices in taking care of your acne prone skin instead of looking for quick-fixes or random tips. Acne Mantra comes from people who have lived with acne themselves. Each new post comes from days of research and decades of experience dealing with acne.

While we cannot claim 100% accuracy, we make every effort to present up-to-date information. Please understand that the information on Acne Mantra is shared in good faith and is not meant or implied to replace medical treatment. While we have your best interest at heart, we expect you to use your own wise judgement before following our recommendations.

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