Beat the Heat: Cooling Down Acne the Natural Way

Today’s post comes from Akshay (@akshaykshardul) who shares interesting information about how internal body heat affects acne. Although there is little scientific research behind body heat and acne connection, it holds an important place in Indian medicine, mainly Ayurveda. We can’t argue with success as evidence suggests that there might be something to it after all.  * applause *

It’s been quite a while I was active on Acne Mantra, my final year project, my final exams, my Dee’s wedding, and all. And when I came back, it was more of a shocker to me to see the community closed. I was more like depressed.

Still, it’s the decision I appreciate because I myself have pointed it to AM what new members do of asking similar questions again and again. But I do feel that what is not covered in all the questions is issue of acne pits/depressed scars. Sorry for the diversion.

I am here to talk about my experience in relation between acne and body heat. Many of us may dismiss it as just another factor, but believe me it is not.

I have had acne since quite a few years now. Changing from one product to another, trying out all home remedies, two dermatologists et al. But the underlying problem was different. “Body Heat” . Simple it sounds, but it poses many different diseases and difficult to counter.

So yes, we are hot people 😉 We can say like alia bhatt in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya- “hum paida hi hot hue the”!!! 😀 But this doesn’t cover up that we are more prone to acne. Heat pimples are usually big headed and pop up anywhere on face, usually cheeks and forehead.

Body heat may be the reason behind:
1. Acne
2. Dandruff
3. Body ache
4. Eye related problem
5. Strokes and others.

After suffering for 7 years and done it all, I went to our family doctor, an ayurvedic doc. He gave me some tablets to reduce body heat when I went for dandruff, back acne, and pimples. I know the technical details about pitta and all, but will not make this boring! 🙂

Tablets seemed to work but only for that period of time when I consumed those tablets. Then I searched for other solutions on this. Some of them are listed below which I regularly follow.

The Padabhyanga and Paripathadi Kadha is what I have done mostly. I started off with Padabhyanga, it helped to make me sleep well and reduced body heat to great extent. But since Padabhyanga is boring activity, I started to tolerate it, as we do with our all acne treatments! 😀

Then I came across Paripathadi Kadha (same ayurvedic doctor! :)). This helped me, and in combination of several things, I controlled my acne. However, I do see some pop up here and there, where are to be suffered till I discover another underlying problem! 😀

My pimples were mainly because of body heat. Control of body heat must be the reason when my skin tolerates comedogenic products like Garnier BB Cream and Lotus Papaya n Saffron Cream, among others.

Factors I consider which increases my body heat.

  1. Milk : increases hormonal activity in effect to increase body heat.
  2. Mangoes : Direct increase in body heat. I remember talking to Anuja on this! 😀
  3. Curd : Obvious increase in body heat and hormonal activity. Less consumption of fruits serving per day or water: I see when I drink less than 8-10 glasses of water, or don’t eat fruits like apple and orange every day, I get pimples in just 5 days. Water cools down the body and fruits provide the antioxidants which neutralize the hormonal activity and thus reduce body heat.
  4. Gap between meal hours : If we have a lot of gap between two meals, it also increases heat in stomach. I avoided Tiffin and thus had my meal at 10 am then directly at 5pm. My acne substantially reduced when I started to have lunch at 12:30 pm. So, never avoid meal or have fast if you have acne.
  5. Irregular sleep patterns: Sleep is of utmost importance. Consider your body as a car which runs for a full day continuously. It becomes hot, isn’t it? So is of your body. Sleep between 11pm and 7 am is important. If you sleep late at midnight or 1 pm and wake up late at 9/10 am, it doesn’t help.

So there are certain things I know, some I follow, to counter body heat and say “chill” to acne! 😀

  1. PariPathadi Kadha (ayurvedic syrup) : This eradicates the body heat from inside. It works in just few days and need to be taken regularly. I recently started it again after a gap of 2 months (I should have taken it throughout summer). It is available in any medical shop. Google it!
  2. Padabhyang : We need pure ghee and bronze bowl. We rub our feet with bronze bowl after applying ghee on our feet. This is to be done for 5-10 minutes and we could actually see the body heat in form of black layer on feet. Padabhyanga is to be done once or twice a week for several months. It can be continued for your life time as it doesn’t have any side effect. Google it to know more! 😀
  3. Coriander seeds: Place some 3-4 teaspoonful of coriander seeds in glass of water for overnight and drink that water in morning. (You can add sugar if you need. No honey please, honey increases body heat) I tried this but I catch cold in 2 days after consuming this water! 😀
  4. Feet Soaks: Take warm water in a tub/bucket and soak feet in them for about 30 minutes. (Ladies add in shampoo in it for extra manicure and pedicure thing!)
  5. Fruits : They are inevitable. Have an apple and orange a day. Lemon water in morning without honey can be taken. Regular consumption of coconut water also helps. Cucumber also helps. I see when I eat 2 apples daily (morning and evening) it helps control acne. I had no pimples even if I ate pizzas, sandwiches, noodles and all. Just 2 apples a day. No Padabhyanga and no Paripathadi Kadha. But fruits have their limits too!
  6. Castor oil: Keep this as last option! Take few teaspoons ( 2 or 3) castor oil. This helps flush out all toxins and body heat from stomach. But beware, I don’t recommend this option.

I am not a regular article writer, and there’s Google to search for other solutions and dos and dont’s related to body heat. This article just tries to open up the relation between body heat and acne.

What do you think? Is your acne related to heat in some way? Can you beat the heat and prevent pimples?

Soon to come: My success story! Had just 3 pimples in last 8 months, one being current (due to sleep deficiency-, come on….FIFA World Cup is here!! 😀 So, success story is delayed 😀

If this post has inspired you to share your own acne success story or experience with products, rush in your post.

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