Relief After Years of Trial and Error (Success Story)

Today’s inspiring success story comes from our community member nimi (Nimisha), who in persevering with her fight against acne tried one product after another for years. In the end, isotretinoin came to her rescue.

Be aware that isotretinoin is the last resort for acne and comes with its own share of side-effects. Nimisha here made an informed decision after everything failed to cure her skin.

I am 24, an engineer by profession and was never into skincare. In fact, till like 21 I didn’t even use a single cream or anything else. Just a facewash. During my teenage I used to get pimples on and off, but nothing major. The pimple would go away in 5-6 days without any medication.

I always had the funda “Don’t Think about acne, don”t give importance to it– and It will go”. This rule worked like magic for me.

I completed my studies and came back my hometown Delhi. And one fine day, all of a sudden… I got number of pimples on my left cheek. I still had my “funda” in place and didn’t bother much. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months but my skin showed no improvement.

how to cure acneI still didn’t care much about my skin. But people started pointing out with too much free advice and suggestions and help started pouring in (with all my due respect). This thing started bothering me.

I had started earning by this I thought of investing in “the expensive brands” this time.

I went to The Body Shop, got the Seaweed Cleanser, Tea Tree Oil , Tea Tree Face Wash,Vitamin C Microdermabrasion, Blue Corn Face Pack and Tea Tree Blemish Lotion among other things. Yeah, that’s a lot of expenditure. 🙁 I used all this for about 2 months and my skin showed no improvement.

Frustrated by the waste of money, I switched to a less expensive brand Fabindia. I used their face packs and scrubs. And of course the infamous “De-pigmentation Cream”. But none of that resulted in any improvement.

Irritated by everything I now moved to the “herbal phase”. So it was besan, tumeric, baking soda, ice pack, Baba Ramdev Kantilep, chandan, multani mitti, lemon, honey etc etc etc. If you have been reading so far, you can guess the results.

After everything failed, I finally went to a doctor who prescribed me Isotretinoin. That did it for me. My skin condition is now under control. I hope it clears up soon.

My point for sharing this article with all of you is to make you realize that we should first understand our skin’s need’s and not bombard it with any and every product that comes our way. I did this for almost 2 years and deteriorated my skin further. Using many / wrong products together can play havoc with your skin. Let your skin breathe.

I still have marks and red spots on my face but I don’t wear makeup. I have accepted the fact that I don’t want to conceal it. I want to cure it. 🙂

This site has helped me a lot and made me aware of my choices. Now I don’t just buy any product. In fact I first read up about it and try to find out if it will suit me or not.

Remember, it is a continuous battle, but we are all here together to make it little more easy and little more fun. 🙂 STAY HEALTHY STAY CONFIDENT!

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