From Cystic Acne to Clear Skin (Success Story)

Today’s acne-defying story comes from Vishali (@visali). When acne hit, she did not wallow in self-pity. Instead, she took control, followed systematic skincare and cleared her skin. She’s ready to wed in December and has our best wishes. * applause *

It is worth taking away that she went through all the Acne Mantra material very carefully before adding new products. This is important for success because many people come on a fly-by visit, buy up stuff in a hurry and then panic about the regimens not working for them.

Hi all

About me

I am a 29 years old working woman from South India. My job involves lot of travel and hence my skin is exposed to many types of weather conditions.

My story

acne-mantra-regimen-reviewMy skin is of very oily type. But till a year back I’ve never had acne or pimple problems. A year back my job took me to a coastal city with very humid and hot temperature. My skin had not major issues for 2 months. Then I started breaking out slowly but steadily…

The breakouts worsened and it took the form of chronic cystic acne which covered my both cheeks and forehead. I rushed to a dermatologist who prescribed me antibiotic and soap and gel. I don’t remember their names now.

The problem subsided for exactly 2 months then acne struck me with full force once again in May. I went to the same dermatologist who again asked me to stop any sunscreen and continue the products and said I had to undergo a treatment which would include birth control pills (sexually active or not).

I chose not to undergo the treatment as I was skeptic of the side effects (I am not even married yet 🙁 !!!)

I went to many more dermatologists but to no avail.

And then ..

It was on one such day when I was panicking and surfing the net frantically that I came across the Acne Mantra site. Today I feel it was definitely a divine intervention.

I went through the articles very carefully before taking any step (as suggested by AM).
I decided to go for the Starter regimen (I’ve listed my routine in the next heading).

And for the last two months I’ve been religiously following the regimen. I take the entire kit even during my travels. In short I’ve never missed the routine.

Now my acne subsided within 2 weeks and now iam acne free mostly. Though some bumps keep forming they just subside after 2-3 days.

My routine

1. I wake up at 6.00 am and wash my face with AHAglow.
2. At 9.00 am I apply Sebamed Cleansing Foam for 5 min and then wash off while taking bath. I apply Suncote gel on my face and slightly dab Kaya Pigmentation reducer gel on top of it.
3. At lunchtime at around 2.00pm, I wash my face with AHAglow. I apply Suncote gel on my face and slightly dab Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel on top of it.
4. I return from work at 7.00pm. I wash my face with AHAglow.
5. At bedtime at around 10.00, I wash my face with Sebamed Cleansing Foam (leave for 5 min and then rinse), apply Avene Triacneal and after 5 minutes dab Kaya Pigmentation reducer gel generously.

That’s it. I’ve not added anything extra for last 2 months.

Presently I’ve only acne marks only and no pitted scars (touchwood) so I am thinking of adding a stronger exfoliating product as suggested by many in the CPP Process.

Now I am getting married in December, so I’ve decided to add makeup products to my skincare. I think I’ll go with MAC products and see what happens.


I went through an extremely painful stage of acne for the last one year (extremely painful because I never had acne problem till a year back, not even in teens.

I used to have clear flawless skin which used to withstand anything from extreme cold to hot to humid to dry climates without a single pimple), now I can surmise my conclusions:

1. Watch what you eat:

Acne is caused not only by what u apply on skin but also by what u eat. Yes!!! I am a living proof. After following the step by step introduction of products into my regimen I found out the real villain of skin.

I noticed very conclusively that I broke out whenever I ate fish here. I’ve eaten fish before in my life so what’s different here??? There are lot of industries here and are letting their effluents into the sea. The fish may have toxins which is creating a reaction in my skin (Well, that’s my hypothesis) But fish of this place definitely breaks me out!!! That’s conclusive.

2. Walk before Running:

Take things slow and introduce the elements of skin care one by one (as suggested by AM). It will definitely help you identify the culprit.

3. To each their own:

Each skin is different and reacts differently in different climates and hence no “one formula” may work for each so use your intellect and make informed decisions.

4. Be gentle:

Be gentle on the skin. Avoid rubbing your face with towel after washing it (as I used to do). This greatly irritates the already irritated skin. Gently pat the skin dry. Use skin friendly products which do not irritate skin.

5. Chemical are not always bad:

We in India generally try to go herbal, Ayurvedic or turn to home remedies and trying chemical may be the last thing we want to do. This tendency may do more harm than good. I learned from my experience that herbal remedies are good for prevention and treating minor issues, but once the problem is set in, it is definitely better to cure the problem by chemicals avoid long term damage. Plus without proper guidance herbal solution may be harsh on your skin and may aggravate the problem. I am not against Ayurvedic or herbal medicines. All I am saying is that keep an equally open mind about chemicals too.

6. There is no such thing as “Cheap and Best”:

Go for good quality products and when it comes to your skin go for the best quality and quality will come at a price…I may sound a snob but actually I AM NOT. The cost of using cheaper products and then rectifying the damages done by them is more when compared to using good quality products initially itself, plus you avoid the damage to your skin.
After all “YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!”

Hope my story helps somebody the same way as Acne Mantra has helped me…


If this post has inspired you to share your own success story or ongoing struggle with acne, or experience with products (good or bad), rush in your write up to the address here. Do not worry, your message is more important than spelling or grammar.

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