Acne Prone Skin Care Routine (Men and Women)

acne regimen for Indian skin

acne regimen using products in India

This is an acne regimen using products available in India.

All the regimen guidelines and product recommendations here are suitable for both men and women. Tips that are specifically for men or women are marked so.

If you follow these guidelines, you can expect to see a visible difference in about 2 weeks.

While your dermatologist is the best person to advise you about acne medicines, use the guidelines here to identify the right skin care habits and products to help your skin.

Look at it as a daily care guide for acne prone skin instead of an alternative to medical treatment.

Morning routine


Read this post to learn how to shave carefully when you have acne on the jawline. It also lists what kind of shaving creams to avoid.

Washing your face

A good choice of face wash for men and women with acne is Kaya Skin Clinic Soothing Cleansing Gel. It cleans the skin without causing dryness or a stretchy feeling. Another option is Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion. There are more face wash options for oily acne prone skin here.

Avoid any of those face washes for men that claim no-sweat or claim to make your skin look brighter / fairer. Just because they are meant for a man’s skin (which is thicker, rougher), they can dry out the skin more than a regular face wash. Remember, you are not trying to dry the heck out of your skin. You are trying to be gentle here.

Hair care

Hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and hair sprays can cause acne and worsen existing pimples. Especially hair oil. Read this guide to hair care for acne prone skin.

During the day

Acne treatment creams often cause dryness and flaking of skin. This can be embarrassing if you have to go out in public. Also, topical treatments such as Retino-A, Glyco 6, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Erytop, Clindamycin  and oral treatments such as Accutane / Sotret make skin very sensitive to the sun. That can cause redness, darkness of skin and premature wrinkles. So you want to use a moisturizer that will protect you from the sun and hide the flakiness of the skin as well.

You could use one from the list of sunscreens for oily acne prone skin in India. Avoid sweat-proof sunscreens. If your sunscreen gets washed off with sweat, wash face and reapply.

If you stay mostly indoors such as at home or inside a building, you can leave out sunscreen. To heal and hide flakiness, use aloe vera gel on the dry areas. Or you can choose from this list of moisturizers for oily acne prone skin.

Try not to touch your face or pick at pimples. If your face becomes oily or sweaty during the day, use a face wash and pat dry. If washing the face is not an option, gently swipe a paper napkin / tissue paper all over the oily areas. That will absorb the oiliness and sweat. Avoid wiping the face with a handkerchief or wrist band as it will collect germs over time. Men, try not to scratch your beard.

Evening routine

After returning from work or college, wash your face. Wash your face 2 or at most 3 times a day.

If you wear makeup, see our list of liquid foundations suitable for acne prone skin. Remove makeup with Johnson’s Baby Oil. It is just as effective in removing makeup as the fancier and possibly comedogenic makeup removers.

Avoid cream based makeup removers. Using a single cotton round, swipe the baby oil gently over your eyes and lips to remove makeup from these areas first. Then use a different cotton round to clean the rest of the face.

Using two separate cotton rounds is important because eye makeup and lip products contain oils and pore clogging substances that may be okay for eyes and lips, but can cause pimples if they come in contact with acne prone areas of your face. You can economize by separating a single cotton round into two rounds and using one for each step.

Before going to bed

This is the time to use pimple treatment creams. If you already washed your face in the evening, you do not need to do so now. You can use one prescribed by your dermatologist or one of our recommendations for best acne creams.

Apply the pimple cream gently on the acne-prone areas, keeping it away from eyes and lips. Do not apply any medication on cut skin or a popped pimple. Sometimes creams cause a burning sensation or tingling. One way to avoid that is to wait till the face is completely dry (wait for 15 minutes) after washing it. Doing just this can reduce the irritation a great deal.

If your acne medication is causing dryness and flaking, gently pat a moisturizer on top of the cream.

What next?

Follow this routine for 2 to 3 weeks without giving in to the temptation of trying out new products in between. See a dermatologist if the problem is severe. A dermatologist will prescribe anti-biotics and acne creams that you could use in conjunction with this regimen.

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