Now Find Acne-Safe Products Yourself

Ever since the Reviews Section was opened a few months ago, hundreds of products have been added with full information. This is helping the community find reviews before investing in products.

While hundreds of reviews have poured in, there are products that do not have any reviews yet. These products may be non-comedogenic and acne-safe but not many people have used them yet. So if you only look for reviews, you won’t be able to spot such hidden gems.

Not any more. You no longer have to be dependent on reviews.

Even if a product has not been reviewed by anyone yet, you can find top acne-safe products by the click of a button. We’ve coded a new feature that will show you the least comedogenic products in any category.


This will list all face washes which either have no comedogenic ingredients or only mildly comedogenic (okay for most people) ones. It will not return any face washes that have moderately or highly comedogenic ingredients. So whether or not any reviews exist for those face washes, you know that they are all acne-safe anyway.

Try it out yourself

If you are wondering why you would want to use non-comedogenic products, this post explains why.

This feature comes with 2 caveats:

Some products do not have full ingredient lists mentioned on their labels or packaging. Wherever that is the case, the product review page mentions it. So even though such products may look non-comedogenic because of absence of comedogenicity information on its review page, you can’t be sure that it really is.

This situation cannot be resolved unless companies start disclosing their full ingredient lists. Showing full ingredients is fast becoming the norm in India too, so most of the products listed do have full ingredient lists.

Secondly, exotic ingredients such as Mahamanjisthadi Kwath may sneak under the radar of Skingredients and may not get labelled comedogenic even if they are.

When adding comedogenicity information to a review page, after running Skingredients on an ingredient list, we do a manual review of the ingredient list just to make sure any comedogenic stuff gets labelled as such.

Still, it is possible that because of lack of existing research about an ingredient or because of contradictory reports about it, we miss / skip labelling some ingredients as comedogenic even if they may be.

Guys, give this feature a whirl and let us know your thoughts. Any ideas about new features are totally welcome and highly encouraged.

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