Success Story of Clear Skin After Years of Acne

how I got clear skinThis success story comes from anujaaggarwal who achieved clear skin after battling with acne for a long time. After trying everything from antibiotics to chemical peels, she chose a skin care routine using products also mentioned in the Keracnyl Regimen and Starter Regimen. * applause for anujaaggarwal *

Just wanted to share my story:

I have been suffering from acne for a long time. It’s so embarrassing, since there is a complete lack of good makeup products in our country.

I have got many professional treatments done too. You name it and I’ve done it: Antibiotics (all types), chemical peels, professional microdermabraison, clinique acne line, bioderma acne products, la roche possay acne range, clindamycin, retino a, and a lot more. Some of them gave results, but only shortlived. When i stopped going to my dermatologist, the acne started coming again.

I cannot take antibiotics all my life and cannot spend so much on all the treatments. It was highly frustrating. Trying something new, only to see short term results.

Then I chanced upon Keracnyl cream and thought of giving it a try. I also bought the cleanser with it. It turned out to be the best at-home solution for my acne so far.

There was a great difference in the texture of my skin within a few weeks. It does sting really bad when you use it for the first few times, but after a while it won’t sting that much. If you are planning to apply makeup over it, then you must wait for 15-20 minutes.

I have been using it for a month now and it has significantly reduced my new breakouts. I also bought the Keracnyl 3-in-one mask and use it alternate day. My skin is way smoother and there is a slight glow. I use it twice a day.

The tube is sufficient for 1 or 1.5 months even if you use a little amount twice a day, so it turns out to be a bit expensive, but since it is working for me and is still cheaper than the other treatments.

After using this cream for about 4 months, my skin became absolutely pimple free, and then suddenly I got a bad breakout. I thought my skin has stopped responding to Keracnyl, but then I found acnemantra.

Based on my dermatologist’s recommendation, I am also using Tri-o-Block cream which has 1% alpha-arbutin to reduce scars.

I tried Diacneal (Triacneal is the newer version) at night and changed my face wash to Sebamed for night. I used Ducray Keracnyl face wash and cream in the morning, followed by Lotus 3-in-one matte sunscreen.

The results have been great so far. My super oily skin is controlled significantly. I am happy with the results so far.

To all those skeptic about Keracnyl and Diacneal – do give it a try once. They are better than visiting dermatologist endlessly and getting treatments that provide only short term results.

I now have only a few small old acne scars that are very easy to conceal.

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