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Reviews Just Got Sleeker, Sharper, Crispier

The Reviews Section has been growing rapidly and within 2 months has accumulated hundreds of products, with their ingredient lists, prices, comedogenicity information and most importantly, your valuable reviews. Recently we buckled down, whipped up a storm of code and added more functionality that will help you zero in on the exact products you need. […]

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Moisturizer Not Enough? Try this Little Trick

When it comes to moisturizers, it is depressing how few options Acne Prone Skin Type 3 people have. The issue of dry skin has been coming up over and over. It was pretty bad for us especially during the winter months. Many of us were totally tortured with skin ripping off due to acne treatments […]

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Vitamin D3 Made the Biggest Difference So Far!

Today’s post comes from Anuja (@anujaaggarwal) who shares her story of how addressing her vitamin D deficiency is helping improve her skin by leaps and bounds. As you will see in the post, she struggled with stubborn acne and tried almost everything, with unimpressive results. It wasn’t until the underlying vitamin D deficiency was detected […]

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3 New Features Ahoy!

You asked, we delivered. Up for immediate use are 3 new features which are a result of suggestions posted by precious community members. Give them a whirl. My reviews tab in your profile Now when you go to your profile (click on the “profile” link near your avatar picture), you will see a new tab […]

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10+ Best Sunscreens for Oily / Acne Prone Skin

Indian market is flooded with sunscreens for men and women. Even though people cannot stop talking about how crucial sunscreen is, if your use of sunscreen leads to more acne, then it is not a fair deal, is it? If you are battling severe acne, it is advisable to first get the acne somewhat under control through medication and […]

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