6+ Ayurvedic Acne Treatment Remedies in India

ayurvedic herbal cure for acne in India

ayurvedic remedies for treatment of acne in India

Ayurveda has some potent remedies for treatment of acne from the inside out. Ayurvedic treatment of acne usually works on reducing the pitta dosha in the body.

Although there are lots of ayurvedic home remedies, it is difficult to stick to them because of 2 reasons:

  1. You have to regularly prepare fresh stock of the powder or churna you want to use.
  2. You have to make sure that you are consuming the right (read enough) amount of the ayurvedic home preparation.

An alternative is to use ayurvedic treatments or supplements available in the market. We have compiled some of the best ready-made ayurvedic treatments for acne. These ayurvedic supplements help heal acne and pimples from within.

Himalaya Herbal Liv-52

liv-52 reviewIt has been long believed that toxin overload can hamper the liver’s ability to flush out toxins. We consume toxins everyday in the form of pesticides in vegetables, lead, mercury, smoke, pollution and other environmental toxins. Although not directly recommended for acne, Liv-52 can be your aid in cleansing the liver. Liv-52 is considered one of the best liver detoxifying ayurvedic medicines in the world. Liv-52 has often been reported to clear acne prone skin.

We prefer Liv-52 tablets instead of Liv-52 syrup as the syrup is loaded with sugar. This much sugar doesn’t bode well for acne or for general health. Be aware that Liv-52 syrup and tablets both contain parabens.

Liv-52 is available at Indian medical stores and online. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to use Liv-52. To be on the safe side you can still consult a general physician. You can also get a liver function test done to know if your liver is over-loaded. The liver function test, done at blood testing labs, indicates the level of liver enzymes. The higher the liver enzymes, the more over-loaded the liver.

The price of Liv-52 is Rs. 65 for 100 tablets.

Baidyanath Rakta Shodhak Bati

Rakta Shodhak Bati (bati means tablet) is an ayurvedic medicine from Baidyanth Ayurveda. This is a fast-acting ayurvedic acne treatment in the form of tablets. The secret of its effectiveness for acne is purified sulphur. Sulphur, either applied topically or taken internally, dries up pimples and excess oil. Apart from the blood purification action, Baidyanath Rakta Shodhak Bati seems to dry up excess oil from the skin surface, possibly because of sulphur. The effect can usually be seen within a day in terms of oiliness of the skin.

Rakta Shodhak Bati can be purchased from ayurvedic medical stores and online. The price of Rakta Shodhak Bati is Rs. 77 for 50 tablets.

A sulphur based spot treatment for pimples is the Proactiv Sulphur mark available from

Himalaya Herbal Purim tablets

Fortified with liver detoxifying and digestion regulating ingredients, Purim tablets are designed for acne prone skin. Among its other ingredients, turmeric and neem stand out. Both neem and turmeric are anti-septic and anti-acne. Does Purim cure acne? From the research papers given on Himalaya Herbal Healthcare website (now moved or removed from their website), one would think so. No one can give a 100%  guarantee that a single medicine will cure everyone’s pimples and we should take all research with a pinch of salt, but seeing that some research has gone into this product is comforting.

Purim tablets are available in Indian ayurvedic stores and online. The price of Purim tablets is Rs. 75 for 60 tablets.

Humdard Safi

safi for pimples review does safi workSafi is not an ayurvedic but a Unani (Greek) medicine. Known as a blood purifier, Safi is an herbal remedy for acne and pimples. It claims to cleanse the blood of toxins mainly by way of kick starting a sluggish digestion and the functioning of liver and kidneys. Notice how often liver detoxification is mentioned in natural acne remedies?

Now Safi has been mired in controversy. If you go by this Canadian report on the presence of heavy metals in Safi, it raises some doubts about the safety of Safi. For their part, the makers of ayurvedic supplements say that these medicines contain “detoxified” versions of heavy metals. But questions are being raised about how complete and how safe this “detoxification of heavy metals” is.

Safi is loaded with sugar that does little to mask the horribly bitter taste. Those who are regular users of Safi swear by how it cleared their acne and brought a glow to the skin. It has to be used for at least a month for noticeable difference.

Safi is available in Indian grocery stores, medical stores and online. The price of Safi is Rs. 43 for 100 ml and Rs. 150 for 500 ml.

Baidyanath Surakta syrup

With neem, tulsi (holy basil), turmeric and manjishtha among other blood purifying ingredients, Surakta is the ayurvedic cousin of Safi. Surakta claims to regulate the functioning of the bowel, liver and kidneys for internal detoxification. This detoxification in turn is supposed to clear the skin.

Surakta has 1-2% alcohol, so if you were wondering why you feel drowsy or sluggish after taking it, now you know. Safi likely has alcohol as well.

The price of Baidyanath Surakta tonic is Rs. 74 for 200 ml and is available at Indian medical stores and online.

Divya Kayakalp Vati for Skin Disease, Acne and Pimples

ramdev-divya-kayakalp-vatiDivya Kayakalp Vati purifies blood with its mix of precious herbs like Bakuci / Bavachi, Panavad, Nimba (neem), Triphala (a combination of Haritaki, Bibhitaki & Amalaki), Khadira, Manjishtha, Katuki, Amrita, Kirata-tikta (Chirayata), Candana, Deva-daru, Haridra (Haldi), Daru-haridra, Ushba, Drona-pushpi, Laghu-kantakan, Krishna-jiraka (Kalajiri), root of Indrayana and Karanja seeds.

Each bottle contains 40 grams of Divya Kayakalp Vati made by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy. You get about 170 tablets per bottle.

Skinelle capsules from Charak Pharmaceuticals

Aimed at premenstrual and hormonal acne vulgaris, Skinelle tablet claims to be a safe and herbal ayurvedic remedy for acne. It works by way of blood purification and suppressing the activity of acne causing bacteria. There is also a cream version of Skinelle for topical application.

The price of Skinelle capsules is Rs. 30 for 20 capsules. Skinelle capsules can be bought online, but nonavailability in stores can be a problem.

Neem Guard capsules from GoodCare Pharma

A mix of neem, giloy and triphala, Neem Guard capsules claim to be a safe, natural and effective treatment for acne. Triphala itself is a combination of 3 ayurvedic herbs including amla or the Indian gooseberry. All these ingredients work to, you guessed it, detoxify blood and enhance body’s immunity in general. Neem is one of the most powerful blood purifiers and detoxifiers in the ayurvedic system of medicines.

The price of Neem Guard capsules is Rs. 81 for 60 capsules. You can find Neem Guard in Indian medical stores.

Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Sulphur supplements

Sulphur is a potent anti-acne treatment that dries up pimples, reduces redness and swelling and keeps the pores unclogged. Read all about using sulphur for acne and sulphur products in India here.

Ayurvedic herbs and supplements are available in single ingredient formulas as well. Ayurvedic companies often sell neem capsules and turmeric capsules. Other herbal supplements such as Triphala, Manjishtha and Aloe Vera can also be used for acne.

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