Mid Week Fun: ABC of Beauty Creams

bb-creams-funnyWith BB creams and CC creams flooding the market, looks like companies will continue to march further and further down the alphabet trail in the quest for that perfect beauty cream they can sell us. Amidst such times, here is what our in-house comic Keepcalm predicts as the future of beauty creams.

DD – Dermabrasion Doctor cream

EE – Eligible Equalizer cream

FF Follicle Firming cream

GG Gregariously Gorgeous cream

HH Holistically Hollywood cream

II Igloo Intolerance cream

JJ Juggler`s Jollymood cream

KK Keora Kreme (the flower extract as you know :P )

LL Lover`s Lure cream

MM Monopolise Moneymaking (business) cream

NN Nefariously Naughty cream

OO Outrageously Oompa-loompa Cream or if they go for triple alphabets after they are done with double alphabets (Outrageously Oompa-Loopish Oomph/output cream )

PP Polishing Putty cream

QQ Queer Quotient cream

RR Rocket Roller serum maybe :P

SS Swiss Swan beauty cream

TT Tokyo Tycoon cream

UU Uruguayan Uncle cream

VV Vanishing Vanity cream

WW Worsen Warts cream

XX X-mas Xtract cream

YY Youthful Yankees cream

ZZ Zealous Zebra cream (stripes all over you face yaaaay !)

Any more ideas folks?

image playingwithpsp@flickr



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