Cleansing Toning Moisturizing (CTM) with Biotique

Today’s post comes from Suresh (@ssureshbabu68) who shares his experience using Biotique Bio Range of products for a Cleaning Toning Moisturizing (CTM) routine. Read on to see what surprises awaited him on this herbal journey. * applause *

There are umpteen articles on skincare where it is described that Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing (CTM) routine should become a part of your life. 💡

Today I am reviewing my regimen which I had followed many years ago. Those days Biotique was my favourite brand and obviously had chosen CTM products from the same. Let’s see how it has fared on me. 🙄


biotique bio berry cleansing lotion cause pimples

I used Bio Berberry Refreshing Cleaning Lotion for cleansing for thorough cleansing to prevent clogged pores.

Product description: Refreshing, non-foaming cleansing lotion gently dissolves makeup and grime. Leaves skin feeling soft & smooth.

Ingredients: Daur Haldi (Berberis aristata), Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa), Rakt Chandan (Pterocarpus santalinus), Methi Trigonella foenum gracecum, Badamtail (Prunus amygdalus), Lotion Base Q.S.

I checked with Skingredients and the result shown was ‘No Acne causing ingredient found’. Neither Skingredient nor I understood the ingredients probably. 😕

Price: Rs. 149/- for 120ml. Sounds pretty inexpensive.

This lotion comes in the trademark Biotique white and green packaging. As you see in the photograph it is a thick cream based lotion and smells herbal and fragrance is also mild. Cleanses pretty well as you see in the photograph. But it has left my face greasy. This may be a great facial cleanser for people with dry skin who don’t mind that little greasiness. But acne prone oily skinned people please skip this one.

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Biotique Bio Berberry for pimplesBio Berberry cream based cleanserCleansing actionCleansed without a trace



I have been told that toners are supposed to add hydration to the skin to make it supple and to avoid toners which have alcohol. So Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Freshener was my choice. Was it a right choice? Let’s figure it out …

Product description: This is a refreshing, pore tightening and purifying lotion blended with cucumber, coriander, nutgalls, berberry, peppermint oil and the fresh waters found in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is formulated to bring the complexion into perfect pH balance and help keep skin in its purest state.

Ingredients: Daruhaldi (Berberis aristata), Dhania (coriandrum sativum), Majuphal (Quercus infectoria), Pudina (Mentha arvensis), Kheera (Cucumis sativus) Q.S.

‘No Acne causing ingredient found’ was the result shown by Skingredeints yet again. :????

Once again the trade mark Biotique white and green packaging. This is a thin green coloured watery liquid and resembles cucumber juice but smells of some ayurvedic recipe.

My take on this product: We know that water is the best natural astringent available. The effect of applying this toner is same as splashing cold water on the face. I did not find any benefit in their claim such as pore tightening or improvement in the complexion.

It’s a tall claim from Biotique. Paying Rs. 149/- for 120ml for this lotion proves to be costly for any one. Needless to say it’s a dud!

review Bio Cucumber  toner for acne pimplesBio Cucumber  toner for acne pimples



This is the last step in the CTM routine. Moisturizer prevents the moisture loss from your skin by creating a layer between the skin and the outside atmosphere so that the skin doesn’t feel dry or look dull. Obviously Biotique Bio Morning Nectar was my choice.

Product description: This is a lightening and nourishing lotion is blended with pure honey, wheatgerm and seaweed. It sinks into skin to replace natural oils and replenish lost moisture for a noticeably fresher, fairer complexion.

Price: Rs. 199/0 for 120ml. Not bad.

Ingredients: Baheda (Terminalia Belerica), Methi (Trigonella foenum graecum), Madhu (Honey Mel), Ankurit gehun (Triticum valgare), Kusumbhi (Carthamus tinctorious), Vach (Acorus calamus), Lotion Q.S.

Yes. Your guess is right, result was ‘No Acne causing ingredient found’. 😕

My take on this product: As seen in the photograph it is a high viscous cream based moisturizer. Fragrance is pretty good, once applied lingers around for few hours. After applying though I felt my face was smooth but after few minutes my face looked oily. After continuous usage of two weeks or so this moisturizer gave a severe breakout on my face.

Verdict: My wife has normal to dry skin and using this moisturizer since almost a decade. This has kept her face pimple free and blemish free. No doubt it’s her HG moisturizer. It may work for dry skin beauties, but feels heavy on acne prone oily skinned beauties. Give this a miss.

biotique Bio Morning Nectar for acne pimples reviewBio Morning Nectar for acne pimples reviewBio Morning Nectar for acne pimples review

Final verdict

There are many companies which does not list out complete ingredients been used in their products. Biotique is one such company which does not list out ingredients completely. Hence it is very difficult to identify whether the product has any comedogenic ingredient present. You need to use it and then conclude whether it is a comedogenic product or not.

NOPE. Keep off the above products which have been proved comedogenic on me. 👿
Hope this post was helpful. Stay tuned to Acne Mantra and follow the AM Regimens. 🙂

Cheers to flawless skin! Take care. :mrgreen:

Suresh Babu

Editor’s note: 

The problem with Biotique products is that what they call the ingredient list is cleverly incomplete. For example, in the Bio Berberry cleanser and the Morning Nector lotion, the lotion base mentioned passingly is actually a complex mix of thickening agents, emulsifiers, colouring, preservatives and perfume.

They only tell you the herbal ingredients, while tucking away the rest of the ingredients. If they disclose the full ingredient list, it may not look very much different from those “chemical laden” products herbal-lovers scoff at. Biotique’s ingredient list is at best incomplete and at worst misleading.

Please don’t get me wrong – I’m all for herb-based and safe cosmetics. What I am against is cheap tricks to dupe people into thinking the products are any different from the regular off-the-shelf ones.

Skingredients is a powerful tool that identifies individual ingredients – “lotion base” tells you nothing. This is the reason such products slip under the radar of Skingredients and give an impression that they are non-comedogenic when they are not.

Also, Skingredients, in its present version takes a comma-separated list and braces () are not interpreted well. The list of ingredients on Biotique products has plenty of braces and a non-standard ingredient list.

It’s great that those products are working well for your wife, Suresh. 🙂 They contain some of the best herbal ingredients, but alas in a comedogenic base.

If this post has inspired you to share your own experiences with products, good or bad, or your personal struggle with acne, rush in your write-up as soon as you finish reading this.

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