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Watch how wildly positive and wildly negative comments went when this girl chose to show her makeup-free face to the world. She has acne, as you can tell from the thumbnail.

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Exciting New Features & Major Community Update

Acne Mantra community has been thriving ever since it was launched. It enables people to connect with others facing similar problems, learn about products that work, and stay away from those that don’t. Friendships develop, bonds form. All good. Since last year’s April when community gates were opened, 14,229 answers have been posted to 2362 questions. With a growing community, there is also a […]

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Out of Acne Hell and Happier than Ever (Success Story)

This post comes from Vanshika Ahmad (@vanshikaahmad) who has sent in one of the sweetest success stories to have appeared here. It ends with a powerful message we can all use – to not give up on ourselves no matter how bad  things get. It often happens that we look to skincare products to completely clear up acne. Skincare is not […]

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Now Find Acne-Safe Products Yourself

Ever since the Reviews Section was opened a few months ago, hundreds of products have been added with full information. This is helping the community find reviews before investing in products. While hundreds of reviews have poured in, there are products that do not have any reviews yet. These products may be non-comedogenic and acne-safe but not many […]

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An Acne Success Story Spanning 2 Decades

I am Anu ( @anu79 ), the blog editor at the Cafe’ blog of Beautykafe, bringing you this story. Call it a success story or a journey, its not important. What matters is that you believe in your gut feeling and learn to take charge of your health. Afterall nobody knows you better than yourself. […]

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Reviews Just Got Sleeker, Sharper, Crispier

The Reviews Section has been growing rapidly and within 2 months has accumulated hundreds of products, with their ingredient lists, prices, comedogenicity information and most importantly, your valuable reviews. Recently we buckled down, whipped up a storm of code and added more functionality that will help you zero in on the exact products you need. […]

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