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Freedom from Acne International Giveaway!

In the spirit of celebrating Independence Day, we’re celebrating freedom from acne with an international giveaway. Generous prizes have been selected across brands, no expenses spared. 3 prizes, 3 winners These are some of the finest products for men and women with acne prone skin. Each hamper has been carefully put together to bring the most […]

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john abraham acne scars

Boys with Acne Look Rugged? And Other Answers

Stats shows that people are making full use of the brand new Skingredients Online tool to separate the wheat from the chaff. In other words, finding products that will suit acne prone skin and chucking those that won’t. Supriya is one person who won’t be found without it. (We will come to the topic of rugged […]

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How to clear acne using drugstore products

With Love from Bangladesh (Success Story)

This email was sent recently by our community member Anika who lives in Bangladesh. This girl read the blog back to back, came up with a routine and stuck to it. Now she is here, sharing her candid success story with all of us. * applause * Hello AM!!!! I am very happy with my skin […]

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Clearing Acne Tougher Than Clearing IIT?

Even on seemingly calm days, there is so much action going on behind the scenes that unless you have your ear to the ground (that is, you are subscribed to receive everything – comments, questions and blog posts on email) you’re missing some real powerful information that exchanges minds on Acne Mantra every day. Here’s […]

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where to buy Avene products in India

Stores Selling Avene Products in India

This is a list of pharmacies that stock Eau Thermale Avene products in India. Avene Triacneal features in the Starter Regimen and while people are reporting good results with it, Triacneal is a bit difficult to find. Hopefully this list will help you in locating Avene sellers. To know which medical stores in your city […]

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how I got clear skin

Success Story of Clear Skin After Years of Acne

This success story comes from anujaaggarwal who achieved clear skin after battling with acne for a long time. After trying everything from antibiotics to chemical peels, she chose a skin care routine using products also mentioned in the Keracnyl Regimen and Starter Regimen. * applause for anujaaggarwal * Just wanted to share my story: I have been suffering from […]

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