Dermaflage a Miracle Product for Pitted Scars

Today’s post comes from Keep Calm (@keepcalmandcureacne) who will first make you laugh (with her histrionics) and then make you cry (with profound perspective). When you’ve got your Bollywood emotional fix, she will cheer you up with a miracle product for covering deep acne scars. * applause *

Hello Acnemantris ๐Ÿ˜€ (THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED REVIEW please dont think so – it’s an adventurous find and rather inaccessible for some but still it’s a wonder product )

It’s bad enough we are called pizza faced , fruit cake faced (though this is a lot cuter, I’d say – I didn’t really mind this one ๐Ÿ˜€ ) therefore the last tag we’d like to attach to our troubled selves is ‘golfball faced’. I mean like Gah! Golfball is supposed to be sexy – How else did Tiger Woods get laid ? (It bewilders me even today and probably will for the remainder of my term left on Mother Earth ).

I’ve been a part of this community from the early times, and I’ve loved watching it grow, and then I’d learn from the people , AM , the posts and yes I thought AM was Benedict Cumberbatch. Cause she’s awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway back to the topic. I have been asked many times how to get rid of the damage cause by acne – mainly pitted scarring – scarring that looks like something took small bites out of your skin. It looks horrible and more pronounced under sunlight and is very tricky to cover with makeup.

Seeing gals loitering around with silken smooth cheeks and guys fantasizing about gals with silken smooth cheeks doesn’t help the scenario either. The worst blow comes when you look at your pre-teenage pictures – ah the skin we took for granted. ๐Ÿ˜€ But not to lose hope guys – you can almost make it alright – at least keep up the hope. You are so much more than your skin to be honest.

Sometimes I feel , we stress too much about our appearance. I had worked with an NGO in the past and had taken a look at some burn victims and acid attack victims, and seeing their plight, yet their strength, their will to fight for their cause and to live on, really gave me quite an educating experience. They suffer for no fault of theirs, and we obsess over that tiny pit or mole or scar on our face – and honestly when you look at your problems through the big viewfinder which accommodates the major problems of the world , you’d realise that you can fight and survive your own.

So coming to this product – This is something available in the US – but it ships to quite a few countries – This is a silicon primer plus a sort of substance which hardens and mimics skin when applied on the pitted scar – enabling the scar to look absolutely minimized. It gives a natural effect and no more horrible pictures. It is priced at 50 dollars (starting price ) and you can take a look at the concept and the videos – it’s very exciting and it works!

It is called DERMAFLAGE TOPICAL PERFECTING FILLER – it is used to conceal naturally – not only medical scars but acne scars as well.

Normal makeup tends to colour skin too much and it looks unsightly and fake – also normal makeup tends to sit into the depressed area making the scar look even worse.

dermaflage acne scars beforedermaflage acne scars after

What is Dermaflage

Conceal scars for 36 hours. Invented by a Special Effects makeup pro and used by TV/movie stars, Dermaflage is aย 3-D silicone scar filler makeup that instantly conceals icepick, rolling and boxcar scars.

  1. non-irritating, non-allergenic 3-step application
  2. non-invasive โ€“ no injections, no pain
  3. dermatologist & clinically tested
  4. matches your skin tone
  5. three Simple Steps to Flawless Skin

Here’s more information about the product – it’s truly a wonder product I tell you – check it out: Dermaflage website.

Here is the 3-step video demonstration of Dermaflage so you can see just how marvellously it smooths out pitted scarring.

What’s working for me currently

I have been using tretinoin gel for the past 4 months. I had used the cream previously and it didn’t work for me, gel bases work better on my oil skin, and my skin has started to smooth out. After a year maybe it’ll be much much better and I’ll definitely post an update then.

My right cheek is almost smooth (touch wood ), the left is the one I’m working on. But for those who have extreme scarring and don’t feel like going to the movies, or to that party because your skin would look horrible under the lights – I’d say go ahead and have fun. You’re so much more than your skin to be honest.

But this is such an interesting concept for those with deep scarring – that if accessible one can explore this. Also because I love writing and would love to write more here in Acne Mantra. There are so many helpful Acnemantris here – Tejupriya, AM, Anuja, LD , Rohini , Ashu to name a few.

It’s cute how panicky cuties ask the finicky rib tickling questions. ๐Ÿ˜› and honestly this is the best forum for learning some patience as well ๐Ÿ˜€

If this post has inspired you to share your own experiences, success story or ongoing acne struggles with Acne Mantra community, read aboutย getting published here.

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