Double Cleansing to Remove Makeup and Sunscreen

In this post, we will see what double cleansing is and how it can help those with acne prone skin use sunscreen and makeup without breaking out. Double cleansing involves using an oil or oil-based cleanser as a first step. Then you wash off the oil with a different cleanser. The oil based cleanser can as well be a makeup remover.

Did I just say oil for acne prone skin? Did I just say to use a makeup remover for removing sunscreen? Did I also hint at guys needing a makeup remover? Yes, yes and yes.

How double cleansing helps

You will see why you need to remove sunscreen using something like a makeup remover when you see how a sunscreen works. Most sunscreens suitable for brown skin are chemical sunscreens. They work by first getting absorbed into the skin and then absorbing UV rays from there.

That is why we are told to apply sunscreen before moisturizer or makeup because they could interfere with the absorption of sunscreen into the skin. That is also the reason why we are told to wait indoors for 20-25 minutes after applying sunscreen. It takes time to absorb fully into the skin.

Makeup products like founjohnson's baby oil acne pimplesdation and powder sit on top of the skin. Sunscreens get absorbed into the skin. They have a greater potential to clog pores and cause acne.

Also, sunscreens often some in sweat-resistant, water-proof formulas. They won’t come off completely unless you use an oil-based cleanser.

By binding to makeup, sunscreen and other grime, oil often does a better job of dissolving the stuff and drawing it out of the pores effectively.

Since most acne prone skin type cleansers are oil-free, they do an inadequate job of removing sunscreen. Even if the face looks clean, sunscreen may be sitting inside the pores.

If not removed properly, even non-comedogenic sunscreens and makeup can get drilled into the pores over time and cause pimples with regular use. So, it makes sense to use a makeup remover to remove sunscreen.

Guys and girls both benefit from double cleansing.

What is double cleansing

Double cleansing involves first removing the makeup or sunscreen with an oil, then removing the oil with a face wash.

Johnson’s Baby Oil removes every last trace of makeup and sunscreen. It is mainly mineral oil which is insert and generally non-comedogenic. We will talk about the evils of mineral oil later, but for now we’ll go with Johnson’s Baby Oil. Other oils like olive oil, castor oil, almond oil are largely hits or misses for acne prone skin.

How to do double cleansing

cotton-roundsHave a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil at hand and some cotton rounds. You can get cotton rounds at a beauty store such as New U or Health & Glow or online shopping websites.

Every evening, soak a cotton round in oil and wipe the whole face with it. Repeat if necessary. Then take a tissue paper or toilet paper or a clean cotton round and gently wipe the face to break the surface tension of the oil. Then wash the face thoroughly with a good face wash. This is double cleansing.

Fancy makeup removers are also mostly mineral oil based and loaded with comedogenic ingredients. Johnson’s Baby Oil does the job with minimal ingredients.

It will leave the face soft and clean but not overly oily. Besides, it is going to be evening / night time so you can put up with a little bit of an oily look.

Do you need double cleansing

Not everyone will need to use double cleansing. It is possible that your face wash is doing a good job of removing all traces of makeup and sunscreen. A sign that your non-comedogenic sunscreen or makeup is not getting removed completely is that you start getting pimples say a week down the line.

To test if your face wash is removing the sunscreen and makeup completely or not, try this. After washing the face, let it dry naturally. Do not wipe the face with a towel. Then take a cotton round soaked in Johnson’s Baby Oil and wipe it across the face. If  the cotton catches some dirt or sunscreen (especially if it was tinted) then you could benefit from double cleansing.

Warning with double cleansing

This comes with a big warning though. Especially if your are Acne Prone Skin Type 3. You must make sure to remove the oil from the face. Kaya Skin Clinic Soothing Cleansing Gel does a good job of removing this oil.

If you see small pimples in the morning, it could be Johnson’s Baby Oil to blame. But first check if you are using a through-cleansing face wash or not before giving up on double cleansing. If you still get pimples, then you’re probably not a good candidate for double cleaning and you should stop using it without experimenting further.

Also, this doesn’t give one the license to use comedogenic products. You still need to use non-comedogenic products only and take them off with double cleansing.

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