11 Rapid Fire Questions with Acne Expert Dr. Murad

In this video, Dr. Howard Murad with his celebrated line of acne products answers a rapid fire round of your burning questions.

  1. What is the worst food for your skin? (if you guessed sugar, think again!)
  2. What is the best ingredient for acne?
  3. What is the worst ingredient in skin care products?
  4. What is the most overlooked step in beauty routines?
  5. What is the most common reason for acne?
  6. How to pop a pimple, if you must? (also see how to pop a pimple and 6 steps to heal a popped pimple fast)
  7. What is the one product Dr. Murad recommends for acne?
  8. When should you see a dermatologist for your acne?
  9. Is adult acne due to hormones and how to know if your acne is hormonal?
  10. What is the biggest myth about acne?
  11. What is the real way to treat acne?



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