With Love from Bangladesh (Success Story)

How to clear acne using drugstore productsThis email was sent recently by our community member Anika who lives in Bangladesh. This girl read the blog back to back, came up with a routine and stuck to it. Now she is here, sharing her candid success story with all of us. * applause *

Hello AM!!!!

I am very happy with my skin now and all thanks to you!!
acne is down to nearly zero!! oiliness and dryness is under control.!! 

As you know i am from another country , i could not find most of the products and i am a student so mighty expensive products like kaya are out of my reach right now . you will probably think i’m crazy writing all these  but i wanted to share these as your site is visited by many like me who can not find the products or may not be able to afford these.

Here’s my regimen –

i wash my face with Follow Me oil control+whitening face wash in the morning . i bought it from K Mart which is like Walmart of our city 😛 but much much smaller. then i put on Lotus herbals 3 in 1 matte sunscreen . you may find it weird and funny but i mix it with Clean and Clear fairness cream. It gives me a fine matte look and i get less oily on my nose which is fixable by a tissue ( i’m looking for blotting paper though ) . then Lakme perfect radiance compact before going out.

when i come back i massage my face with johnsons baby oil and wash it with Sastid Bar or the face wash depending on my mood and skin condition.  Then i put on a little amount of  Neutrogena visibly clear oil free moisturizer on the sides of my cheek and less on the t zone . i am thinking of getting Lacto Calamine. Its cheaper and i think it will be better . i wash my face after an hour with honey and lemon.

then before going to bed i wash face only with water and go to sleep .
Oh! about the isotrenoin gel, i have NOT used it for the last 7 days . i thought i will break out like crazy  but surprisingly a small zit on forehead and one on cheek only.!! so i  guess one have to use isotrenoin religiously and when there is less pimples and much peelings , the use of it can be lessened . so i am using isotrenoin gel twice or thrice a week depending on the ratio of dryness and peelings. i am hopeful that someday i might go a long time without using the gel.

And i am also using Lotus Herbals Tea Tree clarifying clay face pack once a week, i alternate it with Himalaya Neem Face pack but it can feel harsh on skin.

Sorry if i have wasted your time but you see i’m very excited and wanted to share the excitement with YOU guys who are worthy of the credit.!! and i think this is a budget and simple regimen for APST 1 or APST 2  and the product options can be changed too.

My acne is almost gone so now i started concentrating on the pigmentation and spots. again i failed to find the products mentioned on the site  So i found out this fade out products and saw very good reviews about them. But the problem is i can not decide which one to use . they say that the ingredient Niacinamide is good for acne. so i am thinking of getting the night cream as i am not using anything during sleep and i think that’s why face doesn’t have a healthy glow!

Thanks for all the help!!


P.S. oh! one more thing.. i thought i was an APST 3 but the fact was that i was using all  comedogenic products and ofcourse was not careful about my skin. i thought i had break outs because of teenage but when they got out of control then i came to my senses 😀

so it’s good to treat ’em when they start to appear. And there are lots of products out there. i myself tried hundreds of them, i’m sure if my skin could it would commit suicide because of my heartless experiments on it 😀 But what we need is the right product and then all is simple! AM helped me to understand what would be the right product for my skin. thanks!

Editor’s note: Your email this morning has made me very happy. 🙂 I’m so proud of you. Congratulations. I looked at the product descriptions on I found their original moisturizing formula safer than the rest, although it does have a few mildly comedogenic plus 2 highly comedogenic ingredients. The main lightening ingredient in it is lactic acid which is one of my favourites for dark spot correcting. If you are APST 1/2 then it could still work for you. If not, see if you can find safer products with lactic acid as one of the first few ingredients.

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