Dry, Peeling Skin? 2 Fixes, 1 Prevention

Dry, peeling skin from using acne treatments? A quick fix, a real fix and a prevention in this quick video!

It often happens that just before you are about to step out of the house, you see some patches of dry peeling skins around the mouth, around the nose, sometimes between the eyebrows and horror of horrors, right on the cheeks.

So, whenever I am in a hurry, my go-to product is a slightly sticky moisturizing lotion which in this case is CeraVé PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion.

It’s not a thick lotion but it’s sticky enough to kind of like stick back the peeling skin onto the face. So, if I am in a hurry, I just take a tiniest bit of this lotion and then just dab it around the peeling skin and voila! That’s it.

This I would not recommend for using all over the face during day time because it can make the skin very shiny and oily but for taking care of dry patches where you don’t have too much time to really buff them away, this is a good solution.

Now, when you have more time on your hands, what you can do is use a scrub. Use this scrub to buff off all the dry and peeling skin gently from all the dry areas. I do not recommend this particular scrub because it is very scratchy, it has walnut shells I think, so this is very scratchy but there is a scrub, I think, from Bioré or Avino that is marketed as a daily-use scrub which has rounded beads. It is a light green colored tube, I think. So, that is, I think, mild enough to use on all the dry areas.

Do not use the scrub on your acne prone areas because that may irritate it further unless of course you need to because if skin is coming off. Try to avoid using scrubs on top of acne prone areas because that may irritate it further.

And my no. 1 tip on preventing this dry peeling skin is to not use an all-over exfoliating face wash. Many times we are tempted to use a strong benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid laden face wash which exfoliates the skin from all over the face. So, if all parts of your face are not acne prone, you do not need to use an exfoliating face wash. Using a simple non-exfoliating face wash such as CeraVé or whichever one works for you, that is good enough.

And on the acne prone areas, after washing your face, you apply a very thin layer of an acne treatment and only on the acne prone areas. So, that will prevent peeling and dry itchy skin from the areas where you don’t break out.



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