Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel Review

Finding eye creams for acne prone skin is quite a struggle. Eye creams are invariably comedogenic because of all the emollients that go into their making. Before you know it, your eye cream has travelled to the rest of the face and caused pimples.

In today’s post, Suresh (@ssureshbabu68) in his inimitable fun style, will introduce you to an eye cream that’s acne-safe and works on the eyes, too. * applause *

Well my family members are already complaining that I am a pessimist and before my negative product listing piles up I am hell bent on reviewing some of the products which has worked on me.

So few posts from now on will be on positives.

Before you write-off Fabindia products I would like to let you people know that there are two products which had showed satisfying results on me. Today I would be reviewing one of those two products from Fabindia. 🙄

Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel

Whenever I slept very late in the night and next day morning sometimes I would notice puffiness under my eyes (may be due to lack of sleep) and would take much time to reduce it. This was bothering me if I had to meet some clients first thing in the morning. I was searching for a good under eye gel to reduce the puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes and No I have no dark circles fortunately. I came across Fabindia Aloe Vera under eye gel.

Manufacturer claims

This unique formula contains aloe vera gel that reduces puffiness and revives tired looking eyes. Regular use helps reduce dark circles and prevents wrinkles.


Purified water, aloe vera extract, glycerine, triethanolamine, carbopol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben.

Not a big list, good. But has parabens remember 🙂


Rs. 125/- for 25ml. May sound expensive at first but you need very little gel to apply and goes a long way.

Directions for use

Apply gently around eyes.


Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel ReviewFabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel Review Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel Review Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel Review Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel Review

My take on this product

It is a very clear, transparent and gel form. No fragrance as well. This comes in a jar as you see in the photograph with two covers. One is the main lid and below that is a white cover so product doesn’t spill around. Easy to carry around.

I applied it gently around my eyes just before bed and within a minute or two I felt the skin below my eyes getting tightened. Gel is easily absorbed into the skin. I felt it so nice; it’s cooling, refreshing and soothing. The firming action is really good.


The product is effective on puffiness and also it has firmed the skin below my eyes and hence on long usage definitely has good effect on the wrinkles around eyes. I definitely keep using this product and I would also recommend to others. On their other claim of dark circles I cannot comment as I do not have one.

Now I have seen in the community discussion many of our members having dark circles asking for a suggestion. I think this product might be a right choice. I would definitely be waiting for your feedback on the performance of this product on their claim of dark circles on you people.

Keep us posted about your progress. Take care. :mrgreen:
Suresh Babu

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Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel
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