Dark Marks? All Fair & Lovely Creams Reviewed

Does Fair & Lovely work? Does it reduce dark pimple marks and acne scars? Is Fair & Lovely good for oily / acne prone skin? Seeing a variety of Fair & Lovely creams in the market, you are bound to wonder if you are missing out by not trying at least one of them.

This post is not to argue whether fairness creams should be used or not. It is about seeing if any of the Fair & Lovely creams can help fade dark pigmentation from tanning, pimple marks and acne scars. We will also see which Fair & Lovely cream seems to suit oily and acne prone skin the best and which might be best for normal and dry skin types.

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin Cream

fair-lovely-multi-vitamin-acne-scarsClaim: New Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin targets the same fairness problems as 5 expert fairness treatments: laser like precision on skin marks, face polish like targeting of skin tan, face peel like targeting of dullness, antioxidant lightening action on dark circles, vitamin mask lightening of skin color.

The price of Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert is Rs. 82 for 50 gm.

Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Cream ingredients:

water, palmitic acid and stearic acid, niacinamide, glycerin, cetearyl ethylhexanoate and isopropyl myristate, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane, hydroxystearic acid, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, tocopheryl acetate, allantoin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, titanium dioxide and aluminium hydroxide and stearic acid, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben, potassium hydroxide, titanium dioxide and dimethicone, disodium EDTA, CI 77491, isopropyl titanium triisostearate, triethoxysilylethyl, polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, CI 15510, CI 17200, perfume

  1. Those are some BIG claims! But the cream does not contain any miracle ingredients that you will not find in any decent skin lightening cream. Fair & Lovely Multivitmain is their most potent offering currently. So if you did want to start using Fair & Lovely, this version would be the way to go.
  2. Looking at the ingredients, one would say it is a comedogenic cream. The Fair & Lovely FAQ vaguely brushes off questions about Fair & Lovely Multivitamin causing pimples.
  3. It is suitable for Acne Prone Skin Type 1 and 2. If this version breaks you out, try the anti-marks version which has similar pigmentation-reducing ingredients.
  4. The cream does promise lightening of dark marks and even has ingredients to support that claim. But if you are serious about getting rid of dark spots, real clinical treatments will give you decidedly better results than using something treatment-like. Use it for what it is – and not as an excuse to delay going to a dermatologist.

Fair & Lovely Anti-marks Cream

fair-lovely-anti-marks-acne-scarsClaim: Fair & Lovely Anti-marks offers fairness solutions for skin with pimple spots and is targeted towards young, teenage girls with a dominant fairness problem of pimple marks.

The price of Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Fairness Cream is Rs. 99 for 50 gm.

Fair & Lovely Anti-marks cream ingredients:

water, stearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, glyceryl mono-stearate, isohexadecane, decyl oleate, vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), polyacrylamide and C-13-C14 isoparaffin laurth-7, titanium dioxide, octyl methoxy dibenzoyl methane, ammonium acryloyl dimethyl taurate co-polymer, vitamin E, aloe vera concentrate, preservatives, skin conditioners, coloring, perfume, menthol.

  1. This is one of the most popular versions of Fair & Lovely with good reviews all around in terms of lightening of dark pimple marks and even preventing acne for some people.
  2. The “fruit principle” mentioned on the pack is actually Alpha Hydroxy Acid, but they don’t tell you which one it is. Still, AHAs are good exfoliants and help with keeping skin unclogged.
  3. Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide which is the main ingredient in this cream is an excellent natural ingredient for lightening dark spots. So you are definitely going to see lightening of spots. Niacinamide also helps reduce acne. Although what percentage of vitamin B3 is present in this formula will decide how much reduction in hyper pigmentation and acne you’re going to see.
  4. Other active ingredients are vitamin E and aloe vera, which are other good-for-skin ingredients. None of the ingredients stands out as highly comedogenic, and with AHA and vitamin B3 in the mix, the chances of it aggravating acne are reduced. We’d still advise you to do a patch test on the side of the face for a whole day first.
  5. Large alcohol content in it can dry out and irritate the skin. This cream is not meant for sensitive skin.
  6. Even though it claims to contain triple sunscreens, there is no SPF given on the pack. The pack does mention a Tan Protection Index (TPI) of 60. To be on the safe side, use a separate sunscreen along with it to prevent the skin from darkening again.
  7. Compared to Fair & Lovely Multivitamin and Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care versions, this one gets our vote for APST Type 1 and APST Type 2.

There is also a Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Spot Eraser Pen which offers the same ingredients in a stronger and better penetrating formula for dark spot treatment. So if you only have a few spots here and there, you can try the pen verison.

Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care Cream

fair-lovely-ayurvedic-acne-scarsClaim: Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care Cream offers natural fairness solutions for people with sensitive skin. It is enriched with the magical Ayurvedic blend of Kumkumadi Oil- a mixture of 16 Ayurvedic ingredients, which provides clear fairness even for sensitive skin.

The price of Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care Cream is Rs. 85 for 50gm.

Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care Cream ingredients:

water, palmitic Acid, stearic acid, octyl methoxycinnamate, glycerin, isopropyl myristate, potassium hydroxide, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, rubia cordifolia extract, titanium dioxide, allantoin, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, wheatgerm oil, symplocos racemosa extract, disodiumEDTA, propylparaben, zinc oxide, sesamum indicum, crocus sativus extract, glycyrrhiza glabra extract, milk, santalum album extract, vetiveria zizanioides extract, prunus cerasiodes extract, monochoria vaginalis extract, ficus bengalensis extract, caesalpinia sappan extract, lac, nelumbo nucifera extract, BHT, perfume, coloring

  1. Both isopropyl myristate and wheatgerm oil in it are considered highly comedogenic, meaning this cream is very likely to cause or worsen acne.  It looks like this version is designed for skin that does not break out easily and has pigmentation or darkening because of tanning / hormones etc. and not acne.
  2. Although Kumkumadi Tailum is known to reduce skin pigmentation, it is a pretty thick oil and may not suit acne prone skin.
  3. Fair & Lovely does not claim that this is suitable for oily or acne prone skin. They talk about sensitive skin. You know that acne prone skin is not always sensitive skin.
  4. This version seems more targeted toward those who insist on herbal / ayurvedic / natural skin care. But do understand that this version of Fair & Lovely contains  some natural ingredients. It is not an all-natural product. If you are willing to use a mix of natural / chemical ingredients, then the anti-marks version is a better choice.
  5. Only suitable for skin that does not break out easily.

Fair & Lovely MAX Fairness Cream

fair-lovely-max-fairness-men-acneClaim: Fair & Lovely MAX Fairness for Men is 2X better than any other ordinary fairness cream for men. Its revolutionary Vitamax Complex and UV filters work intensely on tough male skin and helps give you: Visible fairness, Visible spot reduction and Triple sunscreen UV protection which in turn helps you make a MAX Impression.

The price of Fair & Lovely Max Fairness Cream is Rs. 49 for 25 gm.

Fair & Lovely Max Fairness Cream active ingredients:

Vitamin B3, Pro-vitamins, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

  1. Contains pretty much the same skin lightening ingredients as the ones for women, perhaps with a higher concentration of active ingredients and better delivery for male skin.
  2. With only the list of active ingredients available, it is hard to tell if it can cause breakouts. Update: this cream is comedogenic.

Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream

Claim: While cold cream helps people combat winter dryness, it also leaves them looking dark. Fair & Lovely Winter fairness, with Multivitamins and Active Moisturizers, offers fairness with benefits of cold cream.

The price of Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream is Rs. 86 for 50 gm.

Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream ingredients:

water, stearic/palmitic acid, niacinamide, isopropyl myristate, glyceryl stearate, mineral oil, octyl methoxycinnamate, glycerin, triethanolamine, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, carbomer, butylmethoxydibenzoyl methane, methyl paraben, sodium PCA, glutamic acid, titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide & aluminium hydroxide & stearic acid, propyl paraben, allantoin, tocopheryl acetate, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, pyridoxine HCI, phenoxyethanol, fragrance.

  1. An average moisturizer in a comedogenic base (isopropyl myristate). Only suitable for APST type 1, but for that skin type, there are tons of brightening moisturizers out there.


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