Publishing a Post on Acne Mantra

We heartily encourage all visitors and community members to share their stories of living with acne. Many of our members contribute posts from time to time.

Members who contribute posts report feeling a great sense of pride and empowerment from sharing their learnings with the rest of the community. This is even before all the praise that comes their way.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Success story of  clear skin using one of Acne Mantra regimens
  2. Success story of clear skin using your own regimen or a doctor’s prescription
  3. An acne related product / herbal / home remedy that worked for you
  4. Experience (good or bad) with a skincare / makeup product
  5. Experience (good or bad) with a particular dermatologist’s treatment
  6. Account of ongoing struggle with acne and treatments you have tried

See more examples of guest contributions here.

It is our policy to never accept money for posting reviews. All reviews are 100% honest and based on how a product fares on acne prone skin. Continuing along this line, we do not offer monetary payment for guest posts.

Unlike a one-way read-only blog, Acne Mantra is an interactive, helpful community. If everything were made payment-based, there would be no community posts for you, there would be nobody to answer your umpteen questions, there would be nobody to pull you out of the trenches whenever you got stuck. You’d be on your own, lost for answers.

The community has already paid you with their time, energy and patience while answering your questions. They were there to cheer you up when you were feeling down in the dumps of acne. They have been there all along your journey to clear skin, cheering you on. They will be there to clap for you when you share your success story with the world, right here on Acne Mantra.

By sharing a post with them, you are simply paying them back. It is an act of gratitude. The writing is the reward.

If getting paid for your contribution is important to you, then it will be best to send your post to websites that do pay. But if you feel overcome by the desire to share your story with people who will actually “get it”, then you will find contributing on Acne Mantra richly rewarding.

That said, if you have a blog / website of your own, we will be more than happy to provide a do-follow (where you get the search engine juice) link to it, with a brief introduction of you.

Send your write-up to as soon as you feel ready. Spelling and grammar are not as important as your message itself, so do not hold yourself back from sharing your experiences with the community.


"Skin clearing up after years, thank you!"
"No more pimples, confidence back"
"Pimples, dark spots gone, skin glows now"
"Was so depressed... Thank God found U!"
"Can face the world again, thank you"
Helpful answers, community rocks!
"Your regimen worked when nothing else did"