Hair Care for Oily / Acne Prone Skin

hair care for acne prone skinThese hair care tips for acne prone skin come from our community member Tejupriya. * applause *

Hi guys..i saw a few queries regarding hair care..i have come up with few more tips for hair care..hope this helps..

1-Determine if you are oily/dry/normal hair and choose products accordingly..

2-Wash your Hair atleast once or twice a week with a good shampoo..

3-If you are working out/or any other physical activity you tend to sweat including your scalp so it is necessary to wash often..

4-Weather plays a key role in Acne and Hair..for example in summer you tend to sweat more and because of humidity if proper care not taken it aggravates the acne..And yes you can get a pimple on your scalp too. Just not your face..

5-Using Hair Oil is not must..Because most oils are highly comedogenic..if you must insist try Johnson baby which is mineral oil essentially..

6-A good conditioner will suffice..but try to go for mild or water based as possible..they do you have oils which are comedogenic..when they run down they can cause acne..One way to counter this is since is not applied on the scalp,you easily wash from the back..

7-All Hair products like Hair spray,Leave in conditioners/serums,Mousse  etc are comedogenic too..they are not a must in the hair care routine..try to limit the use and when you do try to keep away from the face by using your hand..

8-Do not share your Helmet and always wear cotton scarf/handkerchief  as it absorbs sweat before use a helmet..Change the helmet atleast once in 6 months for hygienic reasons..

9-Do not use Helmet if you have applied hair oil,it touches your face and most likely to get acne..

10-HairStyle is important to your face as much as u..Bangs,Hair falling on face and most hair styling products on your hair often irritate  try keep your hair away from face by tying your hair..Choose a hairstyle to minimize contact with your forehead or cheek area. ..

11-Always wash your face after washing shampoo/conditioner to avoid accumulation of those products on your face and possible breakouts..

12-Avoid washing your hair in the front of your face..

13-To avoid sun damage to the hair cover your head with a scarf/dupattas,hoodies/jackets,caps..

14-Do not touch Hair and then touch your face…if u do wash your hands..scalp has some oil/dandruff/dirt there are chances of depositing on the face..

15-Style your hair before you apply your makeup. Wash hands thoroughly to remove all hair products before you touch your skin. Some of these products really stick and you will need to wash your hands twice.

16-Change/wash your pillow covers atleast once a week..Do not apply hair oil and sleep as you tend to soil the pillow too..high chances of acne when your face the pillow..if you oil wash it off within an hour..

One more suggestions is buy a pillow protector for your pillow..since it is possible to wash the pillow cases..pillow protectors are more hygienic and easy to wash and maintain..People suffering from body acne can use mattress protector too..Wash pillow/mattress protector atleast once a week..

17-Do not Sleep With your make up on..

18-Clean your specs 2-3 times in a week by running under a tap or soaking in a mug/glass of water with dettol for 2-3 minutes..use a earbud to clean the crevices and nose pads..use a clean soft handkerchief to clean the careful while cleaning..if its a metal frame please be extra careful..Wipe your Spectacle everyday keeping in mind the entire frame,nosepads,lenses..

19-Wipe your cellphone everyday with clean and mildy wet cotton pad..yes u heard it right ..oil from face adheres on the cell phone too..

20-Avoid to buy hair products which have soudium lauryl sulphate,silicone/silicone oils as they are highly comedogenic..

21-At bedtime, cover your hair if you have product in it that is prone to causing breakouts. Avoid tight head covering as this will only make you sweat and cause breakouts on your scalp..

22-Wash your hair before you go to bed to remove hair product that causes acne.. Pull hair away from your face when you sleep with a ponytail or bun.

Also check out this post on how hair care products can cause acne.

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