Kaya Skin Clinic Acne-Free with Aqua Therapy Review

Recently, Acne Mantra got a chance to try out the Acne-Free with Aqua Therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic. We nominated our community member Tejupriya to go through the session and share her experience with all of us. 

What is Acne-Free with Aqua Therapy? This service is a water based deep skin acne solution. It uses a cool jet of air and saline water which penetrates deep into the acne prone skin to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate effectively.

It helps your skin get purified from within so that the root cause of acne is targeted, and then treats it with a high efficacy peel, followed by an anti-acne mask that works effectively to reduce the chances of further occurrence of acne, giving you a clear, oil free, fresh skin.

Kaya Skin Clinic Acne-Free with Aqua Therapy Review

My Experience

I entered the clinic and was given a warm welcome by the staff. I was offered an apple-cinnamon drink which was really good. Then I was handed over a booklet where I had to fill my details like medical history (Thyroid/PCOS etc) , current medications, regime, whether on isotretinoin etc with other personal details.

A doctor analysed my file and suggested I undergo Acne-Free with Aqua Therapy which is a Salicylic Acid Peel. The doctor gave me some instructions regarding skin care pre/post peeling:

  1. No acne cream to be applied before/after 2 days.
  2. Sunscreen is compulsory and sun exposure has to be limited.
  3. No washing face for 24 hours after peeling.
  4. No facial/bleaching before/after 2 days.

He also honestly said this is not a permanent cure and to follow proper skin care regimen to maintain the skin after chemical peeling.

Later I was taken into a clean and spacious room where they made sure I was comfortable. The assistant sanitized her hands, wore hand gloves and cleansed my face.

Kaya Skin Clinic Acne-Free with Aqua Therapy Review

Kaya Skin Clinic Acne-Free with Aqua Therapy Review

The therapy

The first step of this therapy is Deep Cleansing which is done by spraying cold compressed air with saline water on face for few minutes. This is a similar process to steaming but only safer for acne prone skin. Before starting the procedure, the assistant showed me how the cold compressed air works on my hand so that I have an idea on how it works.

The second step of this therapy is Exfoliation which is again done by spraying cold compressed air but this time with more pressure. These steps help in effective penetration of the peel.

Both the steps are very refreshing. The assistant made sure to take precaution while doing this near eyes, nose and ears and covering it with cotton. The assistant explained everything before doing anything.

The third step was removing blackheads. Again the assistant repeatedly confirmed if the pressure was alright. I was offered a blanket because it was cold.

The next step was peeling, so the assistant applied Vaseline near the eyes, mouth and covered my eyes with cotton.

The fourth step, the doctor came in and applied 20% Salicylic acid gel on my skin and left it for 5 minutes (time varies as per tolerance). He stood there for the entire duration and made sure I was okay. Upon application it might sting a little but it is tolerable.

For the fifth step, a Neutraliser was applied after 5 minutes. It stung for a second but nothing major. After this Ice (cold compress) was rubbed all over to bring down any redness or burning sensation.

The final step, a peel off mask called Acne-Free mask was applied over my entire face and peeled off after 15 minutes. The moment it went on my face, it felt very soothing and hydrating. This is a anti-acne mask.

There are various face masks for various skin type like Tea Tree oil mask for Oil Control, Cocoa Mask for Dry Skin etc.

Face was cleansed and sunscreen was applied. I was handed a sheet of instructions to be followed afterward.

Cost and packages

Duration: 60 minutes
Actual Cost: Rs 11400 for 4 sessions

Currently Kaya Skin Clinic is offering up to 50% discount until August 31, 2013 so the final for 4 sessions will be Rs 5700 .

Other treatments under this discount offer are:

Clear Fresh Oil Control: A special 75-minute face therapy especially designed for acne-prone and oily skin. It uses exotic natural ingredients like seaweed jelly extracts, conker tree seeds, rosemary and tea tree oil to give you fresh and radiant skin.

Aqua Fairness Luxe: A new innovation for instantly brighter looking skin. This signature service reverses the effects of the sweltering heat and scorching sun, making your skin up to 2 shades lighter in just 3 sessions.

Photofacial for aging skin and laser hair removal are other services on offer under this August Rush.

Final remarks

I have been using Kaya Skin Clinic products in my CPP Regimen for a while now and I visited the clinic as well. Yes they are expensive, but the quality and service are very good. The staff were very friendly and courteous. The doctor patiently cleared all my doubts and explained me the procedure. One more thing I liked about them was they weren’t pushing to go for other packages / procedures / products.

The clinic was very clean and hygienic. No complaints regarding the service. My skin feels great, I am happy with the procedure. Will I go for this again? The answer is yes. I was given Kaya Antox Vit C Serum to be applied at nights. The only negative is the cost. This August Rush offer is a good way to experience their services at a fraction of the cost.

For more info, check this link
Kaya Skin Clinic Locator
Phone: 1800-209-5292 (Toll-Free)
Or SMS “KAYA” to 54646 for a Call Back.

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