Laser Treatment for Acne in India

Laser therapy is a relatively recent technique for treatment of acne. In this post, we are going to look at laser treatment for acne in India, its cost and safety profile.

What is laser treatment for acne

Laser treatment involves running a laser beam over acne prone areas to destroy the bacteria that causes acne P.acnes –  in just a fraction of the time it typically takes for antibiotics to work.

Another thing Laser works on is the sebacious glands to tackle excess oiliness. Laser also promotes the growth of collagen to prevent scarring.

How long does a laser treatment take?

A single laser treatment takes only a few minutes. If a numbing cream is applied before the treatment, you may have to wait for an hour for this cream to take full effect.

Is laser treatment painful?

Yes, it can be somewhat painful – you will feel like a rubber band is snapping at your skin. Unless you have a very low threshold for pain, you are going to tolerate the pain just fine. Besides, local anesthesia is often used, so pain is minimal.

It also depends on which type of laser machine is used. The way older CO2 laser machines work can cause more pain than the newer fractional lasers.

Where to get laser treatment for acne in India

If you get a “beauty parlour” or “hair and skin salon” type of vibe from a place that also offers laser treatment as part of a multitude of services, stay away. Better yet, look for actual doctors performing such procedures. Even then, do thorough research about the clinic and ask questions.

If they tell you to also start some taking “some tablets” alongside, know what you are getting into. Those “some tablets” are most likely Sotret or similar that are not for everyone and can have serious long term side-effects. Ask questions, and if you are not convinced, walk away.

Also be wary if your doctor makes light of this treatment, such as calling it a “lunch-time” treatment or something. Laser treatment typically has a recovery time of days, not hours.

Cost of laser treatment in India

The cost of laser treatment per sitting is about Rs. 1500 ($30). It can vary depending on the clinic and city. Laser treatment sessions are done once every week or 2 weeks. About 6 sessions are needed to see results, so you are looking at 10K Rupees just for the laser sessions. Along with this, you will be given skin care products to use between sessions.

Laser treatment that comes as part of a deal / package at a huge discount is most likely going to have catches. Don’t play with your face, shell out necessary cash at a reputed clinic instead of looking for cheap deals.

Does laser treatment for acne work?

Yes and no. There have been mixed reports about effectiveness of laser treatment for acne. The results of a laser treatment are quick but not permanent. There are no long term studies that show that the effects of a laser treatment will be permanent – so this is something you may have to repeat every once in a while. Blue light therapy may work better than laser treatment.

Side effects

laser treatment for acne in IndiaYou may see bright redness, swelling, itching and peeling at the site of the treatment, which if everything goes right, it will subside within days. After a week, you should start to see new, smooth skin making an appearance. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you feel something is not right. You must avoid the sun till the time the skin is sensitive.

Since lasers cause thermal damage to the skin, they can induce hyper-pigmented patches on  the skin. Skin discolouration can be more of a risk in brown (Indian) skin. If you are consulting a reputed doctor in India, they will be aware of this risk and will make efforts to minimize it.

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Laser treatment for acne in India
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