How to Make Oil Blotting Sheets at Home

oil absorbing paper in IndiaOil blotting sheets can be your best friend in dealing with a mid-day oily face. Oil blotting sheets are not easily available in India yet, but this video will show you how to make them inexpensively at home.

If you are at work or college, washing the face again and again is not an option. You also risk washing off the sunscreen. An oil blotting sheet, on the other hand, will absorb the extra oil without messing with your makeup or sunscreen. They are easy to carry around and use.

Both guys and girls can use them. You can also use them to absorb sweat from the face. The trick is not to rub the oil off the face. That generates heat and makes the skin red. Place a sheet on the oily area and dab, dab, dab. Just like you would blot an ink stain with a blotting paper.

Also check out some leave-on products to control shine on a very oily face.

Oil blotting sheets in India

Oil absorbing sheets in the market often come with a layer of added ingredients on them. Irrespective of the added layers, the real magic is in the paper itself.

The Body Tea Tree Oil Blotting Facial Tissues (Rs. 175 for 65 tissues) have tea tree oil and mineral oil. Inglot Oil Blotting Sheets (upwards of Rs. 500 for 50 sheets) are laced with mineral oil, polypropylene and imethyldibenzy-lidene sorbitol. Clean & Clear also makes them (Rs. 120), but they are not easily available except at a few pharmacy and health stores. Basicare Facial Oil Blotting Sheets come at Rs. 145 for 100 sheets.

If you get too oily during the day, you could run through these packs pretty fast.

Tip: Rolling paper used for rolling ciga***tes are pre-cut, perfectly sized blotting sheets. You can get them cheaper than these branded ones. They come in a case, so storage problem is solved automatically. Ask at a paan-bidi store.

DIY oil blotting sheets

What you will need:

  1. Rice paper from a stationary store. These are foolscape size sheets with one shiny side, often used by student for taking notes.
  2. Or tracing paper. This is a translucent paper used for tracing drawings, can be found at stationary stores.
  3. Or butter paper used for baking. Ask for it at grocery stores. This paper is similar to what you see inside Parle-G biscuit packets, Amul butter packaging etc.
  4. Or toilet seat covers from the grocery store (if nothing, this is an option)

Watch the video below to see how to cut them out into pocket-sized units. Girls can carry them in an empty compact case. Guys can try storing them inside their wallets.

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