Can Men Use Makeup to Hide Acne Scars?

It is no secret that world’s top businessmen and male politicians use makeup to look awake, hide under eye circles, dark patches and tiredness. Makeup is not just for movie stars.

But is the regular Indian guy, who doesn’t have to face the camera, ready for introducing makeup in his daily routine? What if there was a compelling reason?

Acne can affect a man’s self-esteem in the same way being short or being bald can. Especially when an important event is coming up where you simply cannot “blend in the crowd”. An occasion where you have to step up, take center stage and present your best face.

Anxiety can build up as the event approaches. You worry if your acne bumps and dark acne marks will distract people from appreciating who you are as a person.

Such situations are a-plenty:

  1. An important office meeting where you will be cooped up around a table and well within the scrutinizing gaze of people who have not had a pimple in their lives and who secretly wonder what the heck happened to your face.
  2. An interview for your dream job. This is what you studied hard for, this is what you cracked your exams for, this is the job you want. But you worry that interviewers will judge you on not just your skills but also your spots.
  3. A college presentation where you will have to present something to a crowd to whom appearances matter and matter a lot.
  4. A friend’s wedding, or your own wedding where lots of photos will be taken and your red spots will be there for everyone to see forever, etched in photographic ink.
  5. An important date you’ve always wanted to go on. You want  this girl to know you’re a nice, dependable guy without fearing what she thinks of your red acne bumps that showed up ever since you started dating her (there is a reason).
  6. Small instances in your day-to-day life that constantly set you back and make you feel ashamed, frustrated and helpless about not being able to do anything about the pesky acne and acne scars.

What works against men using makeup for acne

  1. Not knowing what product to use and what brands.
  2. Not knowing where to buy makeup without getting weird stares.
  3. Not enough practice or going overboard can make makeup look obvious.
  4. Lack of confidence and knowledge about subtle makeup application.
  5. Makeup is generally perceived to be a taboo for heterosexual men.

What helps men using makeup for acne

  1. Subtly applied makeup can make 80-90% difference in the way you look and feel.
  2. Anyone can learn acne concealing makeup application. Practice makes perfect.
  3. It is completely possible to use makeup that goes undetectable even with close scrutiny.
  4. Thanks to online shopping sites, you can order makeup in privacy.
  5. The only way to get rid of dark acne marks instantly is to use concealing makeup.
makeup for men hide acne scars

Subtly applied makeup to hide red acne scars courtesy gangamua@flickr

Intrigued? Men and boys who say yes are in for a treat as an acne-concealing tutorial with Indian products is coming up next.

Girls don’t lose heart, because an acne-concealing makeup tutorial with Indian product recommendations is coming up for you after that.

The goal of this post is not to sway people one way or another, but to give everyone something to think about.

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