Makeup Tutorial for Men to Cover Dark Acne Marks

This is a makeup tutorial for men to hide acne marks using makeup products available in India. Men can use this video makeup tutorial to learn how to cover individual spots or a larger area of the face with concealer.

If you are unsure about men using makeup, check out 10 reasons why and why not men should use makeup to hide acne.

You will find guys who use makeup to conceal acne right here in the Acne Mantra community. So you’re not alone.

How to apply concealer to hide acne scars

  1. Start with a clean face.
  2. Apply sunscreen, let it sink into the skin. Wait about 15 minutes until the whitecast goes away.
  3. If needed, apply moisturizer on top.
  4. You might consider using a BB cream that provides moisture, sun protection and evens out the skin tone with its tinted formula.
  5. With a synthetic concealer brush, dab concealer directly on the acne spot.
  6. Now pat (don’t rub) the concealer in place. If the concealer rubs off and the spot starts to show through, it means you are either patting too hard or rubbing off the concealer.
  7. Now blend out the edges of the concealer. Do not rub it into the skin.
  8. The spot may immediately stand out and look lighter than the surrounding skin. Hang on for 5 minutes or so until the concealer blends with the skin tone. It takes some time for concealers to melt and match the surrounding skin tone.
  9. If after 10 minutes your spot continues to look lighter, it means you’ve chosen a mis-matched shade of the concealer. Or that the  concealer does not provide enough coverage.

Concealers for men in India – where to buy

To get the best match, one should visit a store where makeup artists can do the work of finding the right shade for you.

In bigger cities in India, MAC stores are sprouting up. MAC stores have both male and female makeup artists who can help you find the right shade of concealer.

They will help you find the perfect match and you can test it out under various lighting conditions at the store. You don’t even have to buy it right there. You can let the concealer be on for the whole day and if everything goes well, you can go back the next day or whenever to buy it. MAC Studio Finish Concealer (review coming up) is commonly used by men all over the world.

You also find Clinique counters in malls. Clinique counters also have both male and female makeup artists so you can walk up to a counter and ask to try one of their concealers.

Inglot stores, again, found in bigger Indian cities only, also have both male and female makeup artists and a good range of shades.

An Indian and more affordable option is Colorbar Full Cover Concealer. In bigger cities, you can find Colorbar stores in malls. Colorbar Full Cover Concealer (review coming up) is available in many shades and the makeup artists at Colorbar stores can help you find a match. They can also help you learn the right technique to apply it.

For those not located in bigger cities, an online shopping website is the best bet. A post about more concealer brands is coming up.

Where to buy a concealer brush in India

While using fingertips may work well for some, using a small, synthetic brush works best for applying concealer.

A brush with synthetic hair unlike natural hair (e.g. goat hair) does not absorb the concealer, so you get good coverage with minimal product. Fingertips also absorb colour and prevent enough concealer from getting deposited on the skin.

Synthetic brushes mostly have black hair that look like plastic. Here is a synthetic concealer brush: Faces concealer brush from

Actually, you do not need to buy a “concealer” concealer brush. An inexpensive, synthetic eye shadow brush from Vega can be used as well. Those you can find at any beauty store such as Health & Glow, New U and others.

If you have any questions about the technique of applying concealer, do post in the comments.

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