The Case of a Supermodel, a Doctor, Milk and Acne

We’ve already seen the research behind milk and acne and various products that contain milk.

If research didn’t convince you to suspect milk as a cause of your acne, maybe these 2 people will?

Coming from two diverse backgrounds – one whose skin MUST be pore-perfect under the harsh glare of camera and lighting. Another, an EXPERT in making people’s skin pore-perfect.

Ruth Crilly model acne

Meet Ruth Crilly, a supermodel who had a sudden onset of adult acne on her perfectly clear skin. She had deep, under-the-skin cystic bumps and on-the-surface rash-type acne for a while that left her depressed and unable to work as a model. It wasn’t until she scrutinized her diet with a fine-tooth comb that the root cause came out – milk.

The message is that if like Ruth, you have tried the best skincare practices (non-comedogenic products) and have no apparent hormonal imbalance, consider factors such as dairy products seriously. Watch the video for Ruth’s story of her discovery and how she is faring without milk.

Meet Dr. Joel Schlessinger, M.D., a Board Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon. Doctors usually brush off questions about food and acne connection. But here, Dr. Schlessinger explains why milk may be causing your acne and what to use as alternatives to milk.

He says that one glass of milk contains around 60 hormones that cows pass to the product during milking. These hormones can affect the health of your skin, causing acne, blemishes and breakouts if milk is consumed regularly.

To avoid this issue, Dr. Schlessinger recommends either stopping milk consumption or switching to almond milk, which contains no hormones. You may also switch to soy milk, although soy milk still contains a small amount of hormones. Making these changes to your diet may help reduce your acne symptoms.

What to do now

  1. Over the next few days keep an eye on your milk consumption. Do you consume large amounts of milk in your morning cereal, as a bedtime drink and snack on paneer /cheese in between?
  2. Consider going off milk for a month. Read this post about 30 day milk challenge to see how to go about it, what to avoid and what to use instead.
  3. Keep a record of the health of your skin before stopping milk and take stock after 15 – 30 days again.

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