30 Day Milk Challenge for Hormonal Acne

Going without dairy products is almost unheard of in India – we just can’t do without our milky teas and malai paneers. But what if milk was aggravating your acne and there was research to show it?

Research shows milk aggravates acne.

More research here and here.

Dairy products increase insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) plasma levels which in turn creates deficiency of chemicals responsible for keeping all the major factors behind acne under control: androgen receptor transactivation, clogged-pores, increased sebum (oiliness), and follicular inflammation.

If you are struggling to get clear skin despite all kinds of acne treatments, you could try this dairy-free challenge.

does milk cause acneThis challenge can be safely taken by otherwise healthy guys and girls.  Women should not be pregnant or nursing. Men should not be using whey protein powders targeted toward body-building.

For 30 days, you will not be consuming dairy items at all. That includes milk, ice cream, milk chocolate, cheese, curd, yoghurt, ghee, milk powder, mava mithai,  milk shake, lassi, kulfi and whey protein powders. Dietary supplements such as Bournvita and Complan contain milk solids, so they need to be avoided as well.

You will keep a daily log of the state of your skin. You can do so by creating a new thread in the community area with your name in the title. At the end of 30 dairy-free days, you will check back to see if going without milk products helped your skin.

Ideally, this should become a lifelong practice, but 30 to 90 days of testing will tell you how much milk plays into your acne.

Many people report measurable changes, and even complete clearing up of the skin. Even if you can’t go milk-free forever, at the end of the challenge you will at least come to know if your skin reacts to milk.

Here are some tips to make it easier for you:

  1. Buddy up with a friend or someone from Acne Mantra community for this challenge. That way you can support each other through the challenge.
  2. Try almond milk or coconut milk instead.
  3. If 30 days feels too long, bring yourself to take a 7 day challenge. Then take it from there.
  4. Milk is not the richest source of calcium. You can get lots of calcium from orange juice, leafy green vegetables and beans.
  5. Ghee, curd and yoghurt are safer options than straight up milk.

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