My Fight with Acne [Community Contribution]

Story of fight with acneThis heart-warming and candid story of her battles with acne comes from our community member Sai Sandhya. Her story is of hope, and knowing that it is never too late to beat acne at its game. 

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to share my fight with acne and how I got a much clearer skin which is now acne-free.

Just a brief about my acne situation, I am 30 years of age now but have severe acne problem from my teenage. The acne would never stop, I used to have at least one acne everyday on my face and by the time this one subsides there would be another one popping.

When I consulted a doctor at that time, I was told that it was due to the age factor and would subside with time. But at the age of 30 I was still getting severe acne.

Last year during monsoon season I got really bad acne, by this time my face was full of post acne marks and fresh painful acne.

My cheeks already had pitted acne scars from the past pimples, and other acne marks on the forehead, chin area, side areas of the cheeks. So you can imagine how my face would have looked.

It was during last November that I went to a dermatologist, and started taking treatment for the severe acne. She told the condition is called Acne Vulgaris. I was prescribed couple of antibiotics till my acne subsides. I was prescribed a mild face wash, a sunscreen and a toner.

After about 2 months my acne was under control. Now she started the treatment for the scars, she prescribed me a glycolic acid cream and tretinoin to be applied and simultaneously I took set of treatments that comprised of Chemical Peeling and Micro dermabrasion.

I went through 7 sittings of chemical peeling and Micro Dermabrasion which cost around Rs. 6000. With medicines and treatment it cost me about 10K to 13K. Let me give you my experience about the treatment.

Chemical Peeling : my doctor used to apply a chemical solution on my face and leave it on for about 2 to 5 min and wash the face. The solution would cause irritation, but that’s bearable. I was not supposed to apply anything on my face for that day, not even face wash. I think the solution was mild because I could not see overnight change in my scars it took time to see difference. With time the tough dark acne marks were lighter.

Micro Dermabrasion: the following week, she would do a Micro dermabrasion session, which means she would scrub away the dead skin from the surface of my face with the help of an instrument which would spray tiny crystals on the skin and will help in removing the outer layer of the skin thereby shedding the old dead cells. It is an exfoliation process like scrubbing. This process is gentler than dermabrasion and does not require any anesthesia. It is less irritating. My skin used to turn pink for sometime and then it was back to normal.

Because of the treatment and usage of glycolic acid cream and tretinoin my skin used to be very dry and flaky. After all the 7 sessions, it took me 3 months for all this together I could see very good improvement in my scars about 30 to 40% improvement.

Although the scars didn’t go away completely, they were much lighter. My overall skin became brighter, fairer and even toned. But yes my pitted scars remained the same; there was no improvement in that.

I was happy with the improvement in my skin; the acne had subsided really well. The scars were much lighter, the dullness in skin was gone and my skin was much clearer now.

I want to add here that, I continued using glycolic acid and tretinoin. I am using them even now, it’s almost 7 months that I started using them and my skin now is almost 80% clear. The Acne marks are much much lighter and very less noticeable. I am only left with pitted scars which too are much less noticeable than before.

I would just say that the key is patience; you will not get immediate results. But don’t loose hope and keep using the products for at least 6 months to see real good difference.

I hope my experience helps people like me who have been suffering from severe acne conditions.

The key points are:

  • Diet plays a very important role, I was told to stop drinking milk, ginger, butter, ghee and tulasi for initial 7 days. This was to see if any of the products were the cause for acne. So please keep watch of diet, just check if any of your food items are the cause for your acne as these can aggravate the condition.
  • Skin care products play important role in keeping our skin healthy, simple thing like a good oil free- non-comedogenic face wash can make huge difference.
  • If using glycolic acid or any other acne treatment, you have to use a good sunscreen because your skin becomes very sensitive to the sun. And to any other product that you put on your face so please be cautious.

If this story inspired you, send over your own to Simply send in what you want other acne warriors to know and learn from your fight with acne. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry, your message is more important than spelling or grammar.

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