3 New Features Ahoy!

You asked, we delivered. Up for immediate use are 3 new features which are a result of suggestions posted by precious community members. Give them a whirl.

My reviews tab in your profile

Now when you go to your profile (click on the “profile” link near your avatar picture), you will see a new tab called Reviews. This shows all the reviews you have posted so far. You can see the Reviews tab of anyone on the website to see their reviews.


Search anything, from anywhere

So far, slight weirdness was going on where you could only search for blog posts and community threads, not product reviews unless you went to the Reviews Section and searched there.

Now you can search through almost anything from every page.

  • Brand / company name (e.g. Lakme, Galderma, Curatio, Chambor)
  • Function (e.g. toner, face wash, sunscreen)
  • Questions and answers
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews of products (e.g. Cetaphil Lotion)
  • Individual ingredients (e.g. glycolic acid, kojic acid, vitamin C)

Using the search box inside Reviews Section, you will receive only product reviews as search results, which is intended.

Mugshots anyone?

Now instead of struggling with describing your tiny-bumps-with-whitish-pus-also-reddish-near-the-chin-but-yet-not-right-there, simply upload a photo.

  • Upload photos (full face or just the affected area) to get targeted recommendations for your specific type of pimples, dark marks and scars.
  • Chart your progress by keeping a log with photos, perhaps keep a weekly log of improvement in pimples, marks and scars.
  • Upload the picture of a product or its ingredients to discuss it with others.

To upload a photo, simply go to your profile, click on the media tab and upload.


What’s coming

A tab for what products you are currently using as well as APST information requires some planning and you should see it sometime in the future. As the number of products and reviews increases, you will see more targeted options such as searching only within moisturizers, sunscreens or face washes etc.

As always, feel free to share your suggestions about features that will make use of Acne Mantra easier and more helpful to you.


"Skin clearing up after years, thank you!"
"No more pimples, confidence back"
"Pimples, dark spots gone, skin glows now"
"Was so depressed... Thank God found U!"
"Can face the world again, thank you"
Helpful answers, community rocks!
"Your regimen worked when nothing else did"