New! Quiz Your Way to Clear Skin

Those new to Acne Mantra sometimes get overwhelmed seeing the amount of information they may need to go through before they can chart out a skincare plan for themselves.

We’ve been thinking about ways to ease the information overload and direct them to the information they need, skipping the information that they don’t.

Enter the quiz. Straight questions, straight answers.

This quiz has been designed so people can get on track to clear skin quickly. The quiz contains bite-size pieces of information collected from the best posts, questions, comments and discussions.

Even those who have achieved clear skin but are seeing pimples here and there and don’t know what’s missing can use the quiz to quickly round out their regimen.

You can get to the root of the problem just by answering a few yes/no questions.

Try the quiz yourself.

At the end, click ‘view questions’ to see a summary of the quiz. It will list all the answers in one place for your reference. You can print them out if you like.


"Skin clearing up after years, thank you!"
"No more pimples, confidence back"
"Pimples, dark spots gone, skin glows now"
"Was so depressed... Thank God found U!"
"Can face the world again, thank you"
Helpful answers, community rocks!
"Your regimen worked when nothing else did"