Buying Triacneal on : Experience & Review

Eau Thermale Avene Triacneal, the star of the Starter Regimen, works very well but is very hard to find in stores. It is not available easily, in brick-and-mortar shops, or online stores.

Recently, Acne Mantra was offered a chance to try out shopping at the popular online shopping website, They are one of the rare websites that stock Triacneal. 

We nominated our community member Suresh (@ssureshbabu68), who happily agreed to take up the challenge of trying and buying and sharing his experience with us. Thanks also to Nykaa folk for sponsoring the purchase. * applause *

We have noticed that many of our members are struggling because Avene Triacneal skin cream is not available in their cities.

The only option available then is online shopping. This post is to review my shopping experience with an online shopping website called

Their website address is They have several products to offer on makeup, skincare, hair care, herbal products, fragrances, men’s products, etc.

Avene Triacneal is readily available on this website.

Ordering Triacneal

One fine Saturday afternoon I visited their website and placed the order for Triacneal.

Navigating and placing the order is very simple on this website. Just go to their website under skincare select Anti Acne you would see all anti acne products displayed. Go to Avene Triacneal and select ‘buy’.

Triacneal price is displayed and just type the quantity you require and select ‘buy’, your shopping bag would be displayed with the product name, price and quantity.

If everything looks OK then  select ‘check out’. A menu will be displayed to type your contact details – type out your e-mail id, address and your phone no, then you are taken to the payment menu.

Select your mode of payment viz. Cash On Delivery (COD), credit card/debit card or internet banking. After making the payment, you are taken to the menu to review the order. If everything is OK, select ‘place order’.

If you chose Cash on Delivery, a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone no. and you need to enter this code and select ‘verify’, with this your order is confirmed.

After reading this you may think that the procedure is too cumbersome with too many tasks to be performed, but if you see the attached screen shots you would understand how simple it is.

7 steps to buying Triacneal : a little tutorial

I put together this little tutorial for you that will take you step by step through the whole process of ordering Triacneal from I hope this will be especially useful for those who are new to online shopping.

Step #1: Find your product


(click image to see larger)

Step #2: Add to shopping cart


 (click image to see larger)

Step #3: Select checkout


 (click image to see larger)

Step #4: Add shipping address


 (click image to see larger)

Step #5: Select method of payment


 (click image to see larger)

Step #6: Do a final check and place the order


 (click image to see larger)

Step #7: Get the receipt


(click image to see larger)

Delivery of my shipment

Ordering was pretty simple and it took me less than 8 minutes to complete.

After placing the order, Nykaa instantly acknowledged my order via e-mail.


(click image to see larger)

They had mentioned that shipment would take place after 2-3 working days and a tracking link would be provided to track the shipment.

Accordingly, after 2 days they sent the tracking number and the link. I received the courier on the 4th day morning.

I am located in Bangalore and the order was shipped from Mumbai. It remains to be seen how much time they might take to execute shipments to far-off and small cities like Mundra or Pattanamthitta or Port Blair, etc.

Quality of customer service

In between, out of curiosity and partly for research, I called their office to find out the shipment status. Their customer support executive answered politely and confirmed the shipment status.

Order tracking

The one shortcoming was the tracking part which did not take off at all. Entering the order number kept returning ‘Air waybill not found. Please recheck.’.


(click image to see larger)

What I liked

  • Classy website, very easy to navigate
  • Placing an order is simple
  • Response time is good
  • Shipment reached in time
  • Free shipping over Rs. 500
  • Cash on Delivery available

What could improve

  • The only glitch in an otherwise smooth functioning was courier tracking. Somewhere there is lack of communication between Nykaa and courier company hence this tracking problem. Nykaa has to seriously look into this flaw.

My final thoughts

It was a very nice shopping experience with this website. I highly recommend it.

Disclaimer: Even though the order of Triacneal was sponsored by, our volunteer was given free rein to write about their true experience and opinions. Acne Mantra has not benefited monetarily from this collaboration in any way, shape or form.



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