6 Reasons Why Waiting to Outgrow Acne isn’t Smart

outgrow-acne-possibleToday’s post is my personal perspective on why there’s no good reason to suffer from acne. In this day and age, you may have to live with “acne prone skin”, but not “acne” itself.

Waiting to outgrow acne means not doing anything as such to treat it, letting pimples come and go, and hoping that as you grow older, pimples will stop coming on their own.

Friends and family members often downplay one’s acne situation. They say you don’t need to worry, you don’t need to do anything, pimples will go away on their own, you don’t need to see a doctor etc. This is harmful advice.

Read on to see why it is harder than ever to outgrow acne and why you shouldn’t wait, doing nothing.

1. Scars, scars, scars

The heading says it all. Dark spots can be faded, but depressed scarring that is the hallmark of acne-inflicted skin, is nearly impossible to remove without expensive and often painful medical treatments.

The best thing is to stop new pimples so you don’t get new scars. Delaying treatment may mean having to live with permanent scarring for the rest of your life.

2. Underlying health issues

Acne may not be the main problem, but merely a symptom of bigger health problems underneath.

Diabetes, overactive / underactive thyroid, vitamin D3 deficiency, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, food allergies and general hormonal disruption could be behind your pimples.

We’ve seen so many people getting diagnosed with these problems.

Ignoring pimples may mean delaying much-needed medical attention on a serious underlying health problem. Meeting an endocrinologist and getting a whole battery of tests done is necessary for correct diagnosis.

For women, meeting a gynaecologist to rule out PCOS and other hormonal problems may be needed.

3. Ain’t 1930’s no more

In the olden times, the incidence of lifestyle diseases like acne and diabetes was lower. Life was simpler, the soil hadn’t been depleted of important minerals like it is now and the use of harmful chemicals for growing produce was limited.

People ate simpler foods instead of high-glycemic burgers and fries. Overall, a simpler life translated into more balanced health. That may have made outgrowing acne easier.

These days even milk is got from hormone-treated cows. The whole brouhaha about genetically modified (GMO) fruits and vegetables adds yet another complication to eating simple, safe foods. Heavy pollution is yet another factor that contributes to causing and persisting acne now.

4. Face value

Today on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, appearances matter more than ever. It is the age of posting picture-perfect “selfies”. Like it or not, these are fast times where people are taken at their face value and first impressions matter.

You cannot afford to while away your teens and twenties – some of the best years of your life waiting for acne to be gone on its own. If your pimples bother you, you need to do something about it. Getting acne-wise is the first step.

5. Medical marvels

Dermatology has made great strides since the 1980’s. An experienced dermatologist should be able to set you on the right path to clear skin.

Fast-acting, effective medications that people didn’t have at their disposal earlier are now easily available. Powerful clinical treatments are available for acne and scars.

There is no reason to keep yourself suffering. All you need is to make an appointment. If one dermatologist doesn’t “get it”, consult another.

Not only medical treatment, but free information is available now. You just need to hit up Google. Closer home, Skingredients kicks ass. You should use it.

6. Endless wait

Research has shown that various strains of acne bacteria are becoming more and more resistant, so outgrowing acne is becoming harder. Because of this people are continuing to see pimples well into their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s.

So chances are, you may never outgrow acne.

What to do now

Do not wait until you have convinced every member of your family tree that you need acne treatment fast. Nothing happens if you do nothing. So you need to take control of your skin.

With proper skincare, medication and supplements, you can live an acne-free normal life even if you have terribly acne prone skin.

And while you are here on Acne Mantra, why not make the best use of all this information that is readily available to you? Read up, discuss, clear your doubts, clear up your skin.

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