hair spray, hair oil, conditioner can cause acne

Can Dandruff, Hair Conditioner and Hair Oil Cause Acne?

Dandruff Dandruff can cause pimples. Wash hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo (Nizoral or Selsun) twice a week if you have dandruff. Dandruff can cause pimples on the face, neck, shoulders and back. Hair conditioners Hair conditioners often contain silicone and oils that add smoothness and shine to hair. Silicone and oils can cause pimples. Wash […]

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acne regimen for Indian skin

Acne Prone Skin Care Routine (Men and Women)

This is an acne regimen using products available in India. All the regimen guidelines and product recommendations here are suitable for both men and women. Tips that are specifically for men or women are marked so. If you follow these guidelines, you can expect to see a visible difference in about 2 weeks. While your dermatologist […]

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about acne how get acne pimple

What is a Pimple: Mechanics of Acne Prone Skin

Hormonal changes cause oil glands in the skin to produce more sebum (skin’s natural oil) Because of over-production of sebum, skin cells stick together Due to this stickiness, dead skin cells cannot be shed This clogs the openings of oil glands (pores) in the skin These clogged pores become breeding grounds for acne bacteria Bacterial […]

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acne pimple sensitive skin care india

Why Sensitive Skin Products Can Wreak Havoc on Acne-Prone Skin

An acne-prone skin is prone to bacterial buildup when sebum (skin’s natural oil) bunches up around the cells and causes inflammation. A sensitive skin can develop redness, rashes, peeling or allergic reactions such as inflammation (swelling) when it comes in contact with an irritant. The cause of such irritation is usually fragrance and harsh chemicals. […]

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